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Orlando's Doctors of the YearIn prefacing this introduction, we’d like to offer an observation, which should be of interest to all. Regardless of medical school class rankings, graduates are all referred to as “DOCTOR.” With this revelation, we should all know that when choosing a physician, one must accept responsibility for adequately researching the doctor he or she is considering.

Within our present day society, most licensed to practice medicine are truly miracle workers whether they are completely restructuring someone’s face or saving a life. As much as we realize that every physician is an asset to our community, we also know that some have established themselves at the top of their profession and are considered special; these are the ‘elite,’ the very best of the best.

When seeking perfection, we search for the professional who has made it his or her life goal to excel within a field of specialization through many years of study, dedication and determination, continually challenging themselves to advance their knowledge; these brilliant human beings not only save lives but also enrich their communities with a skill set second to none. Beyond this and in order to stay abreast of the latest, almost daily changing medical advancements, the ‘elite’ undergo rigorous maintenance, updating through seminars, conferences and advanced studies to keep current with new technology and procedures.

In adding our ‘Orlando’s Doctors of the Year’ section with this issue, we present a group of physicians, all of whom are reputable, Board Certified in their areas of expertise, extremely well recognized within our community and chosen by their peers. Our objective is to initiate a continuing dialogue with our readers, with an aim toward personalizing some of the finest doctors available.

Dr. Wendi Wardlaw

Stoneybrook Dental / Inspired PurposeOne Woman’s MissionAs a believer who understands that any good that comes from me is by the power of God, I have watched His grace, vision, and direction make growth my reality. From the US...

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Dr. Philip T. Hardy

It is more than a coincidence that Dr. Hardy was born in Orange County, California and now lives in Orange County, Florida. The circuitous route that brought him here from the West Coast to the East Coast involves his immigrant...

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Ravi H. Gandhi, MD

Orlando NeurosurgeryDr. Ravi H. Gandhi is an accomplished neurological surgeon who is fellowship trained in cerebrovascular skull-based neurosurgery and endovascular neurosurgery. Part of the impressive lineup of top Florida...

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Daniel D. Cohen, M.D.

Urology Center of Winter Park Dr. Cohen is honored to be selected as “Doctor of the Year” for Urology. He is the founder of Urology Center of Winter Park, a leading independent medical practice that has been specializing...

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PRIME Concierge Medicine – Dr. Adam Langley & Dr. Gary Visser Connecting with people in a profound and personal way is something Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley strive to do. Their concierge medical practice, referred to as...

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Dr. Michael M. Gutierrez

A proud immigrant of Cuban descent, Michael M. Gutierrez MD has been practicing Dermatology in Orlando for more than 30 years. With a story that begins in government housing and matures into a long history of excellence in Dermatology, Dr. Gutierrez’ narrative is one marked by hard work, dedication and the humble pursuit of the American Dream.

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