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Caught in the Middle

The Major Shift in Administrative ClosureThe pendulum shift of immigration law swings relentlessly. Left, right, or otherwise, you will often find that with immigration law, justice is less blind and more fickle. One major shift...

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Another layer of protection

Under Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Insurance Law, a person that owns a vehicle is required to maintain auto insurance coverage. However, such law only requires the owner to carry at least $10,000 in Personal Injury...

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When it comes to car insurance

not just for the elderly Every week people come into our office who have the misfortune of being injured in an automobile crash to no fault of their own.  Often times, these people are victimized twice because the person who...

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Guardianship Law

not just for the elderly When you think of guardianship law you think of the elderly, however guardianship law encompasses so much more.  Guardianship law was created to take care of any incapacitated person at any age.  A...

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Lifting the Veil of Silence

 Legal Options for the Victims of Sexual Assault It has been estimated over 40% of women in Florida and over 20% of men have been victimized by sexual violence other than rape.1  These statistics are astonishing to say the...

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