Wedding Etiquette 101

Photos Courtesy of H&M

Whether you’re attending a wedding yourself, helping out a friend, or picking something out for your guy, knowing what to wear to a wedding can be complicated and a bit overwhelming. Wedding attire etiquette is a thing and everyone should know the basics to wedding attire. For starters, you cannot, ever, wear white to a wedding! Thusly, here are a few tips on etiquette to keep in mind for your next wedding invitation.

Black Tie Weddings

Black tie weddings are the most elegant of all weddings. It’s the perfect time to wear that gorgeous gown that has been patiently waiting for the opportunity to be worn. Such elegant events don’t come that often. Then again, this could also be an excuse to buy that beautiful dress you passed by last week!

Ladies: Since black tie weddings are the most elegant of affairs, evening gowns or very elegant cocktail dresses are a wonderful fit. Don’t be afraid to choose something beaded, embellished with sequins, or to splurge on the ultimate statement necklace.

Gentlemen: For black tie weddings, tuxedos are a must. A tux should go along with a white tuxedo shirt, a black skinny tie or bowtie, and black dress shoes. For warmer seasons, it would be best to go with suspenders rather than a vest and swap that white shirt for a bold color suitable for the occasion.

what to Wear Where - Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Lace or embroidered cocktail dresses, evening gowns, or long sleeved maxi dresses, if done well can bring you to the perfect combination of elegance and warmth. Black, ivory, olive, shades of red or even a light cocktail dress, can be paired with a fur coat, dramatic jewelry, and pair of pumps.

Men should look for darker tones and try out a tweed suit this winter. A white shirt can be paired with vest and dark or bold patterned tie. The suits should be well-fitted and for those very cold nights can be layered with a winter coat, a light cardigan or an elegant scarf.

what to Wear Where - Summer Wedding

Outdoor and Summer Wedding

Strictly outdoor or summer weddings tend to fall closer to the casual side of the fashion spectrum. Don’t misinterpret this with getting away with a beach dress and some flip flops. Outdoor weddings are still formal. These type of weddings are usually in the spring when the weather is warm. a delicate chiffon sundress, spring patterns, and pastels are perfectly suited for the outdoors. You should bring a pashmina or light cardigan for windy nights. Sandals are the way to go, in this case, we recommend to look for a pair of wedges since high heels can be tricky to walk in especially if it is at the beach.

A suit on the lighter side will work best for men. For such cases where attire should be casual but still maintain a formal look, a well-fitted khaki, ivory, light blue, or a light grey suit are suitable options. Combine a white, pastel, or lightly colored shirt with a colorful tie or bowtie, especially for a more fun and laidback environment. And when picking out a shoes, try going for those slipper-like loafers.

Whether it is the dead of winter or the midst of summer these wedding look tips and etiquette should inspire and help you get an idea for the next wedding you attend.