Conquering the Weekend Getaway

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It’s April 1st. You’re four months into 2015 and you’re itching for some time away from your day-to-day routine. Maybe it’s a quick flight away or a staycation a few miles up the coast; either way, you’re already thinking about what you’ll wear on your mini vacay. Planning ahead isn’t always easy but it’s a short trip. Bringing simple essentials that take you from brunch to a walk on the beach or sightseeing in the city and cutting back on shoes, sunnies and bags will help you save some space and conserve time that’s better spent on exploration and relaxation.

The weatherman is reporting endless sun and you’re excitedly packing your entire collection of designer sunglasses, sandals and hats. Stop! You don’t have enough time or space and you’re definitely not going to wear six hats, twelve pairs of sunglasses and thirty-two pairs of shoes. Limit yourself to two of each, keeping in mind where you’re going, how far you’ll be walking and how often you’ll be outside. When it comes to your shoes, pick one practical pair of heels or wedges if you can’t live without the height, and make your second pick a practical, cute pair of walking shoes, whether it’s a simple trainer or a sleek sandal.

Think versatility and breathability when it comes to clothes. If you’re going to be moving from outside to inside throughout the day, simple dresses and jumpers are great staples for trips. Both can be worn over your favorite swimsuit for a walk to the beach and paired later with the heels you brought for a quick bite to eat. Choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen that are lightweight and breathe more easily than nylon and polyester.

When deciding on a bag or purse to carry while on your trip, think of its uses. How much do you need to bring with you? If you’re planning on bringing a phone, camera, water, wallet and other things, consider a larger tote or purse. Don’t neglect those with shoulder straps, either. The last thing you need to think about when you’re running from the beach to shopping to happy hour is keeping track of a clutch or a handheld tote. A crossbody also frees your hands up for a snack or drink on the go, and souvenirs and selfies for your Instagram update later on.

You don’t need to pack much to look stylish while you’re away. Think less so you can do more. And if you still need some help deciding what to bring and what to leave, check out our ‘Weekender Edit’ below.

The Weekender Edit: