“Traditional Japanese Cuisine
with a Refreshing Twist!”

Central Florida, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it’s high time for a fresh, new take on Japanese cuisine. Fortunately for my fellow Japanese food lovers, Umi Winter Park restaurant has stepped up to the plate and brought a whole new meaning to the words Japanese Fusion!

Japanese fusion combines authentic Japanese cooking with elements of different culinary traditions from around the world. Located on the south end of Park Avenue, Umi has set a new standard for Japanese food lovers. When you first enter the restaurant and see the wide range of people who’ve arrived to wine and dine, it’ll be hard to believe that Umi’s grand opening was just in May of this year. If you desire Japanese food with a twist, than Umi is your place.

“We’re trying to make Umi a destination and we’re very happy with the results and the response we’ve been getting. We had someone last weekend from Tampa say they would make the drive specially to come and eat at the restaurant. We even had a couple who own four restaurants in the Orlando area come in and now we’re their destination for their “sushi fix” as they call it!” — Concept Director Gilles Lorin

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Umi’s tapas style menu gives diners the opportunity to get their own “sushi fix” while also sampling all kinds of food and exploring a vast array of new tastes. Guests can choose everything from fresh sushi and seafood to robata charcoal grilled meats and master confected sushi rice. Japanese foodies, get ready to loosen a few notches on your belt! You will be delighted with Umi’s Hamachi Crudo, Cured Snapper and Kurumi Tofu Salad. Another popular item on the menu is Umi’s unique spin on its Bento Box inspired by Executive Chef Stanley, but diners be warned–you may never again enjoy another restaurant’s Bento Box after you try Umi’s. Perhaps the dish is best described by Yelp’s Elite Squad reviewer Andi P. who wrote the following, “5 Stars to a Bento Box that has changed my definition of a Bento Box. From now on I fear Umi has ruined every other Bento Box experience for me.”

“What sets us apart in a special way is that we make everything from scratch. Every single sauce, marinade and dish is made from scratch. We don’t use pre-made stocks so you’ll find that our food taste different from other Japanese restaurants.” — Concept Director Gilles Lorin

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At Umi you’ll find Salmon Canapé, Yuzu Asian Citrus Ceviche, Asian Pear Gazpacho, Bluefin Toro Tuna Tartare, Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta and many other exceptional dishes. The family owned and operated restaurant takes great care in offering a selection of only the freshest ingredients, which results in Umi’s unique taste. True to their word, you won’t find any processed food at Umi. The restaurant only serves top quality meat, fish, vegetables, noodles, and rice and primarily local produce. In addition to the largest local selection of Japanese hot, cold and infused sake–not to mention Japanese premium beer by the bottle–another point of distinction at Umi is the homemade desserts menu. Japanese restaurants aren’t typically known for their desserts. Fortunately “typical” is not a word in Umi’s vocabulary and they are far from the norm. At Umi you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing European style desserts with a Japanese flair in one of the more “artistic” venues in Winter Park.

“My parents and I are antique dealers. My parents have been dealing in Asian art–Chinese and Japanese–for 35 years so the idea was to decorate the restaurant with some of the antiques we had from our own private collection.” — Concept Director Gilles Lorin

While enjoying their meal at Umi, diners can enjoy viewing the elegant, world-class antique art collection located throughout the restaurant. Featured pieces include a pair of Edo period six-panel Japanese screens from the 18th century, a beautiful wood temple carving from the 17th century Genroku period, an assortment of cloisonné and porcelain pieces and original Japanese woodblock prints. These prints from the 19th to  early 20th century, known as ukiyo-e, decorate the halls and the bathrooms to add further ambience to Umi’s pleasant atmosphere.

“What we’re trying to do is have a Japanese restaurant that’s just out of the ordinary. A restaurant that has something quite unique in the food and the servers and everything else it has to offer.” — Concept Director Gilles Lorin

Umi Winter Park715 Group Shot

Umi Winter Park owner Susie Lorin, in orange, is pictured with her entire chef, service and management team including restaurant manager Jimmy Himawan (left) and concept director Gilles Lorin (back left).

Japanese Fusion cuisine is alive on Park Avenue. If you’re tired of the same dining experiences, head on over to Umi and experience something fresh, original and unique. It’s sure to be a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Umi Winter Park

525 S Park Ave

Winter Park, FL 32789

Reservations: 407-960-3993