The Queen of Windermere Real Estate

Suzi Karr, long-time Realtor/Broker is better known as the “Queen of Windermere Real Estate”. After 44 years in the real estate profession, this title has been rightfully earned by providing her clients with the benefits of her unparalleled experience, her vast knowledge of Windermere’s history, and especially the kind of superlative SERVICE they deserve when buying or selling property.

Suzi attributes her longevity in real estate to putting ethics and service FIRST! She puts great emphasis on working well with other brokers and agents and she feels that cooperation and communication with a smile is of utmost importance. She is also quite honored that others in the profession put their trust in her to list their own properties with her, in addition to referring clients and listings on a regular basis.

Along with the title of “Queen” comes a schedule to match: listings, showings, closings, and all manner of other real estate dealings are punctuated daily by literally hundreds of phone calls, texts, and emails. Most are real-estate related, but a great many are simply close friends, family members, former clients and colleagues seeking the advice, comfort, and friendship they’ve come to cherish from Suzi over the years. She laughs about a call she received not too long ago: An agent she was unfamiliar with called her stating his broker was playing golf and he urgently needed an answer to a real estate question. Of course, Suzi helped this associate out, and was happy to do so.

In addition to her formal and always-continuing education, Suzi’s background in the banking industry taught her to “never judge a book by its cover” when dealing with people. She is also fortunate to have minored in journalism as that knowledge has been instrumental in creating trend-setting advertising for her real estate brokerage and clients.

Today’s real estate climate is nothing like the “Golden Years”, Suzi graciously shares, so it is important for brokers and agents alike to stay current on all of the new laws and trends. Suzi prides herself in teaching the contracts course (when she can fit it into her schedule!) and fully half of the fee charged for the course is donated to one of her favorite charities, The Wounded Warrior Project (

She owns a 100-year old farmhouse in NC as well as a get-away home on Amelia Island, Florida. She would love to escape to these personal retreats more often, but the real estate market always seems too busy for her to get away!

Suzi plans to continue in her real estate career as, in her words, her profession has become more like a meaningful hobby where she gets to view and help stage homes as well as meet and assist people with what is arguably the largest and most important transaction of their lives.

Ethics, cooperation, and above all, service! After 44 years in the real estate business, Suzi Karr is still going strong.

karr1115-2FUN FACT: Suzi Karr once skied with the Hickam Air Force Base Water Ski Team in Hawaii, where she was usually found at the top of the tandem. She was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and, being an avid surfer back then, she acted as Barbara Eden’s double for her surfing scenes.


It’s good to be Queen!


Suzi Karr Realty • 527 Main St. Windermere, FL. 34786
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