Privé Salon Introduces Kérastase Chronologiste

Hair takes a lot of abuse. Flat irons, blow dryers, bleach, color, UV rays … All are culprits in hair damage. And some of us have tried just about anything that promises to salvage our tresses: From raw eggs to olive oil, to pricey treatments that, sometimes, fail to meet our expectations. So when I heard of Privé Salon’s newest addition, a hair care miracle, I set out to experience it for myself.

The “New Age” treatment has been making waves as the ultra-premium cure for hair and scalp. But only 200 salons nationwide offer the exclusive product.

“Privé was chosen from Kérastase Paris to represent the line,” says Revi Rofe, owner and manager of Orlando’s elite salon.


“We’re the only independent salon in Central Florida to offer Chronologiste,” she told me. Think of this mask as a hair facial – a thick restorative concentrate that can transform dry, stressed hair in one application. Of course, depending on the extent of the damage, you may want to repeat the treatment every couple of weeks for an ultimate hair resurrection. It is definitely lavish pampering for your hair. But Privé is all about pampering.

When the salon opened its doors in Orlando eight years ago, it quickly rose to its elite status. The reason?

“We listen to what the client wants,” says Revi. A ten-minute mandatory consultation allows for guaranteed results. The full-service salon carries out founder Laurent Dufourg’s vision and features a “departmentalized approach” where a team (a stylist, colorist and an assistant) makes sure to create the right style to match your expectations. Plus, Privé stylists and colorists are highly trained and participate in continuing education programs.

“We mold our stylists,” adds Revi.

Its central location, in front of the Mall at Millenia, attracts both local and out-of-town clientele.

So, what’s the Chronologiste in-salon Ritual?

It all begins with a thorough consultation with your stylist. After all questions have been answered, your host, a stylist assistant, will take you back to the shampoo room. Sit back and relax on a soft recliner, while the assistant gives you a soothing scalp and neck massage. After the de-stressing lather, your host takes you back to the chair. Your cappuccino, or a glass of wine, is waiting for you to enjoy while your team works its magic.


Your stylist infuses two unique elements: Pearls that are immersed in seawater and a cream rich in nourishing essentials. The pearls house important vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish the fiber, while the velvety cream is made up of gluco-lipids, ceramides, cationic derivatives, Vitamin E, silicone concentrate and Bisabol – each one playing a vital role in hair repair.

After parting your damp hair into four sections, your stylist gently applies the mixture, saturating every strand. Unlike other treatments, Chronologiste uses your own body heat to activate. The foil cap stays on for approximately ten minutes. In the meantime, sip on your drink of choice and relax.


“It takes back time,” says Francesca Herrick, my stylist for the day. “Your hair feels healthy, how it felt before the damage.”

Indeed. After the product was thoroughly rinsed out (and I enjoyed a second massage by Charles), my scalp felt hydrated and regenerated. The blowout revealed healthy, supple hair. I could not help but run my fingers through my now silky locks. Although it was tempting to swish my hair, a la cliché shampoo commercial, I held off until I stepped outside.’


Go ahead, indulge in the luxurious Ritual – Your stressed tresses deserve it!

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