horwitzBeing under investigation for or charged with a crime is one of the greatest causes of stress and anxiety. Realizing that you may lose your liberty, as well as face public humiliation, causes stress that effects people in different ways.  Loss of sleep, loss of productivity, loss of concentration and even thoughts of suicide are common examples of the effects of stress.  In helping clients who must deal with the criminal justice system, I routinely discuss the impact stress may have on daily life.

Recognizing that stress is a normal consequence of facing criminal charges is a first step in dealing with the stress.  While most people have a certain amount of stress in their lives, few have had to deal with the extreme stress caused by a criminal case.  I have observed, both men and women, break down and cry in my office.  They will call complaining of lack of sleep and inability to function.  I believe it is important for an attorney to let clients know that what they are experiencing is to be expected, under the circumstances.

Help in coping with the stress caused by a criminal case can take many forms.  Open communication between attorney and client can relieve stress by answering questions, explaining procedures, and understanding the legal case.  Reaching out to a spouse or family member may also be helpful.  Many also benefit from talking with clergy or counseling with health care professionals. It is important to realize that help, both legal, psychological and emotional, is available and important.

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