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Sherri Asadi is the President of Eton Bridge, Orlando’s premier private-client risk management firm. Her career in insurance and risk management spans nearly two decades and several big names, including Morgan Guaranty Trust, Universal Studios, Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton, Allstate, and State Farm. It should come as no surprise that her educational background is equally impressive spanning three continents, graduating from the prestigious New York University after completing studies at La Universidad Europea. She credits her fluency in multiple languages and time spent living abroad as having given her a wonderful ability to relate to people and understand their needs, a fact attested to by her 15 separate awards for insurance industry excellence, a staggering number by any measure.

It was last year that Sherri struck out on her own to open Eton Bridge. She saw time and time again that although every insurance agency claims to “have the client’s best interests at heart” few execute on that promise. “Far too many companies”, she says, “either trade long-term client relationships for short-term gains or lack the expertise to develop accurate risk profiles, leaving clients in the lurch when the worst happens.” For her, Eton Bridge is about changing the way business is done, making client advocacy and client education the norm rather than the exception, and rebuilding our community’s faith in the insurance industry.

Sherri is redefining what it means to be an insurance agent, and other Orlando agencies are taking notice. Her unique agency model combines risk management with a synergistic set of financial services that range from tax preparation, law services , and estate planning to private travel, all offered with an exclusive, concierge level of support. Over the past year this strategy has proven incredibly effective, so much so that other agents are now trying to follow suit. While it is easy to see the appeal of convenience, there is a more fundamental reason Sherri chose this route; she believes that truly managing risk requires managing information. Without a complete picture it can be difficult to predict where a client might be financially vulnerable and take preventative action. “A true agent always needs to think holistically.”

It is no wonder that Sherri Asadi now finds herself as one of the most sought after risk-management consultants in Orlando, and her reputation is spreading like wildfire. When asked what she thinks about other agents now trying to follow in her footsteps, she smiles and says, “It’s always been my goal to set a new standard of performance and inspire others to be their best.” Even while running a thriving business, being an Accelerate Bank Advisor, parenting her three children, Sherri manages to work with under privileged families aiding them in understanding insurance and financial basics. In addition she conducts free seminars on various Insurance matters for the community.

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