Select Orlando may be a hidden gem for its newness, but it won’t remain that way for long once the community discovers the treasures that await inside. Located inside Dr. Phillips’ Whole Foods plaza, Select Orlando is the city’s premier destination for today’s most elusive luxury brands and beautiful accessories. They offer an exclusive collection of storied timepieces, handbags and more. It truly is a hands-on experience of what online shopping offers for the luxury lifestyle shopper. When you step into the pristine boutique, you will immediately feel at ease as Select Orlando’s Roland Barcenilla and Nina Ogor greet you with a rare, genuinely warm welcome.


“Everything that we have here was particularly chosen and picked for inventory. It’s not just a bunch of things that we throw out. It’s things that are proven to sell. Things that people want. Things that are exclusive. You’ll be paying a little bit less and will have a little bit more availability as to the exclusive things that are very difficult to acquire through a regular luxury business.” – Roland Barcenilla, Select Orlando

Select Orlando acquires their extraordinary selection of watches through authorized dealers and then sell them back as two categories of pre-loved: Slightly used and never been worn. Each piece is in excellent condition and comes with the same service you would receive from any high-end watch retailer. Through diligent research and an impressive network of connections, Select Orlando is able to offer everything imaginable as far as luxury watches are concerned. Most seasoned watch retailers have only ever seen photos of some of the watches that Select Orlando offers, but this is a business that thrives on exclusivity and rareness. Before Select Orlando, there was no other store in the area that the public could just walk into and ask to try on anything from an Audemars Piguet to a Patek Philippe.


“I have loved watches for a very long time. I started in the watch business 10 years ago and I just fell in love with making people feel good when they bought something. Slowly, but surely, I walked up the ladder and I give all the Glory to God that now I’m selling the finest of the finest.” Nina Ogor, Select Orlando

Select Orlando is not only a place for men, it is also a place for women and that “finest of the finest” doesn’t just include watches. The high-end store also offers an amazing selection of exclusive women’s handbags such as Hermès Birkins, which are the most sought after bags in the world and they have been for a long time. Even Forbes has published a popular online guide titled How To Buy Your First Hermès Birkin. At Select Orlando, however, you can step right into the store and try on any one you like. Needless to say, the items that Select Orlando acquire and offer go far beyond what you will find in a regular mall or luxury boutique.

“There’s a waiting list to get on the waiting list to be able to acquire these bags. What’s nice here is that you can come in and really have a luxury experience, but also get what you want and walk out happy.” – Nina Ogor, Select Orlando

As if their selection of gorgeous watches, handbags and extravagant accessories wasn’t impressive enough, Select Orlando is also offering an incredible trade-in program that you can take advantage of today. Customers can trade-in their luxury watches and use it towards store credit for anything they desire, even a handbag. Corporate establishments have set boundaries as to what value they will offer towards store credit versus what you can get outside. Select Orlando is one of the few places where you can come and have confidence that you are going to get the most out of your trade-in.


“Sometimes people can be intimidated when they walk into a jewelry store or a high-end luxury boutique where everyone is in ties and looking so professional. We want to be an inviting and comfortable place where people can always come and hang out with us and check out our store. There’s no pressure ever. We have a passion for watches and handbags so we want to share that with everyone.” – Roland Barcenilla, Select Orlando

Select Orlando is more than just a store. It’s an experience of luxurious shopping in a relaxed atmosphere where you can really let go and enjoy yourself. That elusive item that you’ve been searching for and can’t seem to get your hands on? There’s an excellent chance Select Orlando already offers it and if not, rest assured they will do their best to find it for you. Come explore luxury-shopping that welcomes customers to get up close and personal with brands that represent the finest in both traditional and trendsetting craftsmanship, elegance and style. See for yourself why Select Orlando has become the very definition of luxury.

Select Orlando

8015 Turkey Lake Road, Suite #500
Orlando, FL 32819

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