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“I never thought that I would come this far in such a short time” said Sean Smallwood regarding the growth of his Orlando family law practice. After earning his Bachelor’s in political science from the University of Tampa he then moved to Orlando to study law at Barry Law and pursued his dream of becoming an attorney. While in school he took on multiple internships so he could have the best hands on experience possible. “I knew that the job market was terrible for new lawyers at the time and I wanted to have enough experience by the time I got out of school to do my own thing if I needed to.”

Sean graduated and passed the Bar exam when the recession was at its worst, with the sagging job market and a family to raise he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own law practice, Sean Smallwood, P.A. Never did he know that taking that step of faith would lead him to have such a thriving practice in such a short time. “I have been blessed every step of the way in my business, but no matter what I keep myself grounded and remember that everything I have is a blessing from above”.

Staying grounded and giving back to the community was not a difficult thing for Sean as he travels to youthful offender prisons where he is a motivational speaker to kids who are incarcerated. Among many other volunteer activities he participated in a Christian motorcycle prison outreach where the volunteers actually rode their motorcycles inside a Florida prison for a day of festivities.

Sean Smallwood, P.A. is a Family Law Firm located in downtown Orlando, Florida. The firm focuses on child custody, establishment of paternity, parental rights, and child support. Sean says “I love children so when a case lets me go to bat for a child’s best interest I will gladly take the case”.

There’s no doubt that Sean’s passion stems from the love of his own family. “When I am not at the office I am spending time with my family”. Sean is happily married to his wife Danielle and they have four children. “I have an amazing eight year old step-daughter and for the next two months I can proudly say that we have three children under three years old and they will always be my single greatest accomplishment. The little ones are so high maintenance, but, it doesn’t even feel like work. They are my little partners in crime whether we are on the couch watching SpongeBob or their chasing each other around the house laughing hysterically in their cute squeaky voices, I love spending time with my family and cannot imagine my life without them.” His friends joke asking “Sean, haven’t you figured out where kids come from yet?” However, this rising star is not shy to admit that he wants even more kids someday.

Most would agree that Sean has it all, a beautiful loving wife, four beautiful children, a profession that he loves, and a thriving Law Firm. When posed with the question: What words of wisdom would you offer to others? He said “I would have to tell people to just slow down and smell the roses. Do not lose focus on the things in life that are really important like your family. Also, never be afraid to take risks in life because the decision to be an entrepreneur was one of the best things that ever happened to me. However, never let work steal time away from your family because they are what determines how successful you truly are in life.”

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