Dear Readers,

It’s Spring Time!

Now that we are well into the season of new beginnings, why not begin something new yourself? Maybe buy a new home, try a new style, or even say I do!

As always, May is the month of our bridal issue, and this year, we present to you a different kind of wedding feature. This special edition of Orlando Style highlights a variety of bridal fashion from around the world. Discover beautiful creations from some of the most amazing international designers, each influenced by their own unique cultures and traditions.

When looking through this bridal issue, keep an open mind as you explore fashion trends from a myriad of nations and exotic lands. There are dozens of wonderful details and intriguing silhouettes, all perfect for adding an exciting, glamorous touch to the classic white gown. They might even inspire you to try some of these new looks for your own big day.

In this issue of Orlando Style, we also present you with a new look on the real estate market and some of our city’s real estate professionals in our ongoing special feature, “Orlando Top Realtors.” This is a great opportunity to learn about the market in the Orlando area, since it is the perfect time to think about buying a home. Just when “Freddie Mac” predicts that 2015 will be “a terrific year for home sales,” Deputy Chief Economist Len Kiefer states, “Overall, we’re feeling good about housing and we expect this year to be the best year for home sales and new home construction since 2007, when we saw total home sales of about 5.8 million for the year.”

Kiefer continues, “Improved job prospects have started to drive those aged 25-34 back to the labor force, with 76.8 percent employed as of last month, up from 75.9 percent last year. That means more Americans have income available to purchase homes or save for a down payment.” Well, we can see that the economy is finally beginning to return to a healthy level, and we believe the future will be even brighter for our region. So, get out there and secure your piece of real estate, especially before those rates start going up! Make sure to seek a well-experienced real estate professional with a current license to help ensure that you make the best decision about your purchase.

This entire issue is packed full of fashion tips, the latest trends, and great articles and interviews, including Orlando Style’s conversation with Dan Aykroyd, interviewed at Vines Grille & Wine Bar on Sand Lake Road. As we remain an unmatched publication in our region, we continually try to raise the bar of publishing excellence. We welcome your input, comments, and critiques and ask that you continue to let us know how you are enjoying Orlando Style. Email us at to share your thoughts, some of which we will soon begin to publish right here in our pages.

Here at Style Magazines, we continue to forge ahead with our efforts to support our fantastic advertisers, and we are so thankful for the loyal dedication of our advertising partners. We always strive to keep you, our readers, informed with Style!

Happy Mother’s Day to All Those Wonderful Mothers Out There!


Sven J. Bode


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