sven2012tifAs our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge, once observed, “beyond money and genius, success depends on perseverance.” There is much truth to this fact, and it can be seen in our economy, our society and even our daily lives. Each day, we come to work, do the best we can with our talents and hope to accomplish our purpose, and sooner or later we realize that the perseverance of our efforts is the true indicator of our success. If we have the abilities that enable us to fulfill our calling, the instinct for success overtakes the capacity for failure.

You may be wondering where I’m going with all of this, but after ten years of publishing Orlando Style, I have found that creating a magazine issue that is more appealing than the previous one is very hard work. Each issue is a hard-earned labor of love that requires total dedication each and every day. Orlando Style remains one of the most loved, most read, and most respected magazine in the city and we have dedicated ourselves to perseverance so that our publication can maintain this very position.

As we create each issue of this magazine, it is always our passion to produce a quality, aesthetically pleasing product, and our true satisfaction comes from knowing that you, our loyal readers, appreciate the results of our perseverance. As we enter this spring season, we ask you to join us in thinking positively and believing in the beneficial outcomes of perseverance and dedication. We consider you, the readers, to be a part of our magazine ‘family,’ so let your friends know that Orlando Style welcomes them to join our list of growing ‘family’ members to accompany us on this positive journey.

In this March issue, you will find some of the stylish trends in swimwear fashion that will inspire you to use your positive thinking skills to help keep you fit and fabulous this season. Along with a look at the best beach styles of 2014, you will also discover how swimwear fashions have changed over time with a glimpse at designs from decades past. This is a fascinating illustration of how style changes with time, and it calls to attention how tolerance develops over time, as what was once viewed as improper in fashion is now considered acceptable. After a look at this, you may agree that more tolerance now rather than later would make everyone’s life much easier, even if it starts with a swimsuit.

As publisher of Style Magazines, I am grateful to have my wonderful wife Cathleen, whom is an amazing, dedicated Editor-in-Chief and partner, a great and talented team, and to all of our loyal readers and advertisers who make it possible to deliver an exciting magazine each month, both in print and online. I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together! If you are interested in becoming a privileged subscriber and VIP member, please visit us online at



Sven J. Bode,