publishersnote215Dear Readers,

This new year is off to a fresh, bright new start, full of excitement in what the near future holds. Businesses are doing well, the stock markets are on the rise, and as for our local markets, our print magazines are also experiencing a high level of interest from advertisers.

2015 seems like a very promising year, and although we have seen horrible and cowardly acts of terror internationally, we are hopeful that acts of goodness and kindness will prevail and lead the way, allowing all of us to enjoy all that is to come.

Now is the time to believe in growth for all businesses, big or small, and if we do what we can to support our local companies, good success is possible for many if not all of us. If your business could use progress, let us know and we’ll help you reach the growth you need.

Our readers are always looking for new products, great offers, and a variety of services, and partnering with Orlando Style Magazine is a smart way to share your business with the local audience. Make your presence known throughout the Orlando area with our innovative social media advertisement options. For details, contact Orlando Style will always be at your side, working with you as we have with many advertisers before, to maximize your exposure at the most reasonable cost.

Let’s talk real estate… Our research team is continually monitoring the local, regional, and international markets, and it has found that comparative prices for residential condos and homes are tremendously lower than those around the globe. You may expect properties in Paris or Tokyo to be more expensive than local housing, but even real estate in smaller, lesser-known areas in Asia and South America is priced much higher as well.

With homes in our area at insanely low prices, be sure to act fast if you are considering buying a home. After talking to many realtors, I’m certain that prices will soon be on the rise again, so don’t miss the boat!

During this month of love, we hope you enjoy our special Valentine’s issue with our always-amazing photo shoots, exciting editorial pieces, and the hottest trends for February.

Our best wishes to all.


Sven J. Bode, Publisher

Je suis Charlie!

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