Top 5 Pups with Style and Personality to Match!

It has been said time and again that we often look like our dogs, but it is also true that we share more than just physical appearances with our canines. As we each have our own personalities and senses of style, we seem to be drawn to dogs that share these attributes with us. Here is a list of five style personas and the dogs to match.


best friends-maltese

1. The Fashionista – The Maltese

The Maltese is the perfect breed to suit your taste if you consider yourself a fashionista, as it doubles as your most adorable accessory. Because it is one of the friendliest dogs in the toy group, the Maltese is often comfortable with getting its hair dolled up in bows and other fashionable items. Also, this carefree breed does not require much exercise, so you can spend your day shopping and your Maltese can tag along with you in a dog carrying case wherever you go.


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2. The Trendsetter – The Lowchen

If you’re a trendsetter, you need a pooch that can match your creative sense of fashion, and the Lowchen, one of the world’s most unique and rarest dogs, has a style all its own. This lively dog, with a name meaning “little lion” in German, is known for its peculiar beauty and trademark coat that is often trimmed to resemble a lion. With its fluffy head of fur, the Lowchen could easily set trends on the doggy runways, and its popularity has only increased since its days as the most coveted dog among European aristocracy.


best friends-poodle

3. The Sophisticate – The Poodle

The poodle is the world’s second most intelligent dog, which makes it the ideal breed for the sophisticate, who wears her intellect on her sleeve. If you define yourself as a well-read woman or a boardroom beauty, then a poodle is the dog for you. Its low maintenance level is perfect for your busy work schedule, and with your choice of standard, miniature, or toy, you can find the perfect poodle to fit your lifestyle and home environment.


best friends-Miniature-Schnauzer-

4. The Casual Cutie – The Miniature Schnauzer

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a cute tee shirt and a pair of comfortable jeans, and if you have a flair for casual chic style, the miniature schnauzer is the right fit for you. Since it does not shed, the schnauzer does not require much cleanup, which is perfect for your carefree personality. Also, this caring pooch will provide a balance to your laid-back lifestyle, as it loves to ensure the happiness and protection of its owner.


best friends-Jack-Russell-Terrier

5. The Fit Female – The Jack Russell Terrier

If fitness is one of your top priorities, the Jack Russell Terrier is the best match for your high energy and love of the outdoors. This breed needs to be sufficiently exercised, so it is a great choice for those who enjoy staying active. Although the Jack Russell Terrier is small and compact, it can keep up with you on a long run on the beach or in the park. With its strength and agility, this dog will have you on your toes and ensure that you never lose the motivation to get your workout on!