Medical Malpractice Attorney

“Our clients often tell us that they don’t want what happened to them happening to anyone else. And so if we can change one hospital policy, sharpen one rule of patient care, or simply ensure that basic standards of practice are followed, then our work makes all patients safer.”

The Winter Park law firm of Faiella & Gulden specializes in catastrophic medical malpractice, with particular focus on missed diagnosis of cancer cases, cardiac cases, birth and pediatric injuries and surgical errors. Their work takes them across the state, and the firm has also handled cases in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Born and raised in Winter Park, Peter J. “Tres” Gulden, III, is a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School, where he was a member of the Jessup International Moot Court Team and President of the Student Plaintiff’s Bar Association. Prior to Vanderbilt, he attended The Divinity School at Duke University, from which he holds a Master of Theological Studies degree, magna cum laude. His education began at Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, where he majored in history, graduating cum laude, and winning academic prizes in history and religion.

His law partner, Elizabeth Faiella, is also his mother. Both members of this mother-son team are deeply involved in every case they bring, and try all of their cases together. A 37 year trial lawyer, Faiella is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, a group comprised of the 100 best Plaintiff’s attorneys in the United States. “There is no better teacher that a trial lawyer could possibly have”, Gulden says, “and we certainly share many of the same instincts.” From their experiences in representing elderly patients, the two co-authored Battling ageism in cancer negligence cases, published in Trial Magazine. Gulden’s grandmother, too, was a trial lawyer, and was a judge in Texas, making him a third generation attorney.

Gulden’s perspective on medical negligence was also shaped by his late father, Dr. Peter J. Gulden, who practiced internal medicine in Winter Park. His father fostered in him a profound respect for the medical profession, and taught him that the standards of care in medicine must be enforced, because they are there to protect patients. As Gulden explains, “it never made any sense to me that people defend or excuse unsafe medical care, because if this care is allowed to continue, then it leads to more suffering.”

In addition to Florida, Gulden is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia. He is a Fellow of the Florida Bar Foundation, and a member of the Trial Lawyer’s section of the Florida Bar.


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