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Paul C. Perkins, Jr. has been the beneficiary of a very proud legacy of legal service to the people of Florida. This year will mark the 100 year anniversary of the day Paul’s Great Uncle, Daniel Webster Perkins was admitted to practice law in the state of Florda. D.W. Perkins was the first African American lawyer to be permitted to select white jurors in Jacksonville, and in 1915 he pioneered the inclusion of African Americans on juries throughout the state. D.W. Perkins served the people of Florida, literally until the day he died in 1972, at 96 years old, sitting at his desk in his office. He has been listed as one of the 100 most influential Floridians of the last century.

Paul’s father, Paul C. Perkins, Sr. was admitted to practice law in Florida in 1950. His first job was working along side his uncle, D.W. Perkins, in Jacksonville, until he moved to Orlando in 1951. Early in his career, Perkins served as co-counsel with Thurgood Marshall and Jack Greenberg of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and defended four African American young men who were accused of raping Norma Padgett in Lake County, Florida. Paul C. Perkins, Sr. served the community of Central Florida as an advocate for civil rights and justice, as well as a business man and philanthropist. He died of cancer in 1985 in Orlando.

Although Paul C. Perkins, Jr. never had the opportunity to practice law with his father, he did develop a passionate desire to seek justice at an early age by watching his father display his skills in court. In 1991, six years after his father’s death, Paul was admitted to practice law in Florida. For over 20 years, Paul has tirelessly represented people who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others in Florida’s courtrooms. Paul has recently secured jury verdicts for a forklift incident that crushed his client’s foot, an automobile accident case, and a dog bite case involving a child and a Pit Bull Terrier. Paul’s belief is that every lawyer who represents the injured must be willing, and more importantly, supremely able to try their client’s case.

Mr. Perkins has also negotiated substantial settlements on behalf of his clients, including the multi-million dollar settlement of a case against multiple defendants on behalf of the widow of a man who was struck dead by a vehicle when he stopped to clear debris that had been placed in the road by vandals. He strongly believes the willingness to try difficult cases in court results in much more favorable settlement offers from insurance companies.

Despite his professional success, Paul’s true devotion is to his wife of 23 years and his two children. He also volunteers his time for various professional and civic organizations in Central Florida. He enjoys fishing, golf, tennis, mission work, and watching his children blossom. He is proud to be a member of a great family of Florida lawyers and hopes to live up to their great legacy.

Paul’s firm is Paul & Perkins, PA, located at 3117 Edgewater Dr., Orlando FL 32804. Please visit their website at, or call them at 407-540-0122.

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