Mother, wife, media mogul, entrepreneur, performer and best-selling author. Wendy Williams is a true Jill-of-all-Trades and as such, she is also a woman who’s always on the go. Last month, that roller coaster ride brought her right to our very own city of Orlando for one special weekend. Somewhere in the midst of a busy schedule that included various promotional appearances and charitable events, Williams managed to find some time to sit down and have a chat with Orlando Style Magazine at one of Orlando’s very best, Norman’s Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes.

Although she started her successful career in radio, today Williams is best known as host of her long-running talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. The nationally syndicated program currently airs in 52 countries, most recent being South Africa, and that number is expected to grow as the popular show recently launched it’s 6th and highest rated season to date. Despite the fact that the program revolves around various celebrity gossip, Williams acknowledges that she would be kidding herself to think the show has lasted because everybody cares about the gossip she shares. As Williams truthfully pointed out, you can get celebrity gossip anywhere and everywhere these days. So what keeps ratings high and viewers coming back?

“Maybe it’s the way I talk about it. Maybe it’s because my mouth waters when I have a juicy story or something good to eat. Maybe it’s because I can’t contain my tacky Jersey self and I lean forward and I’m like, ‘Come here, come closer. I want to tell you something.’” said Williams.

Celebrity Soup-Wendy Williams1

If you’ve ever seen The Wendy Williams Show then you would have to agree with me that Williams’ success can undeniably be attributed to her gossip delivery, her contagious excitement and the unsuppressed passion she puts into each and every episode. This season Williams will be filming the1000th episode of her show, but her hectic schedule has kept her from thinking that far into the future with regards to how she might celebrate this milestone. Besides hosting her top-rated talk show, Williams also has a staggering number of other projects on the side. One such project that is very near and dear to Williams is being one of the executive producers of the Lifetime original biopic movie, Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B.

“The movie is based on a book and I just want to be sure the story is told the way I want to hear the story because I was there in Aaliyah’s career. I was there for the whole thing. I don’t want the movie to be sugar coated and I do want to be respectful to the family.”

The movie is the first that Wendy Williams Production has produced and with the attention and care she’s put into it, we’re certain it won’t be her last. In addition to producing behind the camera, Williams has also been working on her acting in front. This Christmas, Williams’ fans should keep an eye out for a new Lifetime movie produced by Melissa Joan Hart, which Williams will be co-starring in.

Truly it was high energy and laughs all afternoon as we chatted and found out all that’s new with the daytime talk show queen. Despite turning 50 this year, Williams has no plans of slowing down. How does someone who’s always so busy find the time to balance it all? What do watchers of The Wendy Williams Show have to look forward to in the coming season? What major career announcements did Williams reveal to Orlando Style? Get these questions answered and more! Head over to Style-TV right now for the full interview.