better-than-sex-2Red walls, vintage mirrors, and sensual paintings will welcome you to a sexy spot in Downtown Orlando. This only-dessert restaurant is a place where you go not just to eat dessert but to experience a night of delicious confections in a relaxed and seductive atmosphere.

There’s a lifelong love story behind the inauguration of Better Than Sex. “We knew we would open a restaurant,” says chef and co-owner Dani, who together with her husband Len decided to transform a tradition into a successful business. “We used to throw these parties at our home and people were enjoying them and especially the desserts.” A valentine’s party full of new recipes was the first step to their future as entrepreneurs.

A trip to Key West, Florida resulted in an agenda full of ideas and new goals as a couple; an article in a magazine gave them the name, and their own desires showed them the final direction for their restaurant. “We are in an age where we don’t want to party after a night out at dinner, but we don’t want to go home either, so we come up with the concept of an extension of your evening.” And nothing better than an aphrodisiac dessert for that purpose.

With two locations in Florida (Key West and Orlando), Better Than Sex has become the favorite place for dates and ladies’ night. It might be because of the sense of sensuality when you cross the entrance door, the bitter-sweet pastries or the variety of wines available; there’s definitely a list of characteristics that invite you to come back after the first visit, including an intriguing menu mentioning peanut butter perversion, sex appeal, climax, lavender lipstick and other names related.

Since it’s a small location in Orlando, Len and Dani recommend to make reservations (PG-13), for either couples or bigger parties. You can get more information about the restaurant at, or you can call them to make the reservations to 407-761-8949.