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Natalie A. Jackson has more than 13 years combined leadership, media, and legal experience. She is best known for her work in advocating for the legal concerns of women and children and her work in the fields of criminal defense, personal injury, injury to children, and wrongful death as it relates to women and their families, as well as being featured with her higher profile clients on: The Today Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Headline News, and most local and state news channels.

Natalie has long been at the forefront of women, children and minority legal issues. Her first career was as a Naval Intelligence Officer, who was one of the first group of female naval personal to be deployed aboard an aircraft carrier. As an attorney, she has successfully represented numerous women and their family members injured or killed by the negligence of others and has lobbied relentlessly to improve healthcare as it relates to high-risk teen pregnancies and premature births. Further, in her criminal defense work, Natalie has long been an advocate of equal rights, protections and treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system.

As the founder of the Women’s Trial Group, Natalie has achieved her life’s goal of creating and building a successful litigation law firm that caters to the requirements and needs of women and their families. Natalie and the other attorneys with Women’s Trial Group are staunch advocates for the rights of women, children, and families. These rights don’t just stop at monetary settlements. Natalie has represented, among others, a mother whose child was killed by a speeding driver. The case resolved with a full insurance policy settlement for the family. Natalie, however, is now lobbying the city to install speed bumps to prevent future injury to children in that low income neighborhood. She has also worked in conjunction with the NAACP to ensure that security guards who shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy were brought to justice. The civil case is still pending. Most recently, Natalie represented the husband and daughter of a law student who was killed when a NASCAR-owned airplane crashed into their home in Sanford. The case settled for a substantial eight figure amount which all parties agreed will remain confidential. She also recently represented a teen wrongfully accused of abducting a child. The charges were dropped and a civil suit is pending.

Natalie received her BA from Hampton University and her JD from the University of Florida’s Levin School of Law where she serves on the Law Alumni Council. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Chapter of the America Red Cross, the Seminole County Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club, the Sanford Chapter of the NAACP, and the Orange County Branch of the NAACP where she is Chairperson of the Legal Redress Committee. Natalie is an active member of the Florida Bar Association and has served on the Advertising Committee, the Association of Florida Trial Lawyers, the Virgil Hawkins Bar Association, the Florida Association of Women Lawyers, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She resides in Orlando and has a son (Kevin) who plays football at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. GO NAVY!

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