Michael is a life long Florida native, born in a solid blue-collar suburb.  From a young age Michael understood the value of hard work, learning with his father in the construction industry. His sense of service and commitment to helping others inspired him to join the military shortly after 9/11.  Michael supported combat search-and-rescue and counter-terrorism operations as a United States Air Force airborne radio operator aboard H/C-130/p aircraft, where he learned many life lessons and values that he takes with him throughout his law practice. 

Michael is a fighter who voluntarily deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, and to disaster relief operations around the world; he was recognized as the 2005 Airman of The Year.  He also received numerous decorations while serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His unit was one of the first that was deployed to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief operations.

After graduating in the top ten percent of his class, Michael worked in the Ninth Circuit State Attorney’s Office, where he learned critical trial skills in the direct and cross examination of hostile witnesses and experts.  Michael expanded on this foundation by moving on to work for a top civil trial firm which represented Fortune 500 auto manufacturers in roll-over crashes and tire manufacturers in blow-out cases resulting in death or great bodily harm.  Michael saw first-hand how the rich and powerful can use their unlimited money and resources to bury the little guy.

These experiences have seasoned Michael in making YOUR presentation of the evidence before a Judge in your family law or criminal law case.  In the family law arena, Michael has regularly stood up against the fancy high priced law firms in town and has been victorious many times.  He has represented clients in complex divorces and highly contested child custody (time-sharing) cases.  He has also represented clients charged from high profile sex crime offenses to felonies punishable by life.  He has tried cases up to felonies punishable by life and has been victorius.  Michael is well versed in highly contested cases, as referenced by his more then 60+ five star reviews on Avvo, along with a 10/10 Superb Rating.

Michael maintains his office in Orlando and has represented hundreds of individuals across Central Florida counties. His peers consider him a highly-skilled and hard-working attorney. He has provided both civil and criminal representation to high-ranking officers in all branches of the United States military, to city officials, firemen, police officers, doctors, nurses, school teachers, clergymen and local businessmen. He has mentored several attorneys and has provided both civil and criminal representation to attorneys as well.

When you’re at the worst point in your life, or facing serious legal problems, that is the time to get Mike on your side, fighting for you when you need it most.                                                                                                                                                                                         


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