Marvel Quevedo is no stranger to being a game changer. Having worked in the cosmetic industry from a representative to becoming the vice president of finance for a nonprofit organization, it proves there is nothing too big or too small that she can’t handle.

“Running my own Allstate agency helps me utilize my many skills attained over the years,” Quevedo stated, which is why she continues to have a proliferate business in the Orlando area since 2014. She has been able to successfully use her passions for finance and sales to run a blooming business, develop her team and build the relationships with her customers in the community.

Her parents, who emigrated from Cuba, also influenced and exposed her to the meaning of hard work and dedication. “The best value they taught me was to be proud of whatever I wanted to do and to do it to the best of my ability.”

When she had the opportunity to open an Allstate agency in the Orlando area, she did not hesitate to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. As a Hispanic woman who grew up in a diverse neighborhood in a small town called West New York, New Jersey, she is passionate and understands Orlando’s growing multicultural population. Her agency includes licensed sales professionals who speak Spanish and one that speaks Portuguese. She expressed, “Insurance cannot be purchased on-line when the average person does not understand what each coverage entails.”

Her goal is to help protect families by explaining their policies and educating herself with their lives to make sure they receive the product that fits their individual needs.

Quevedo’s agency specializes in auto, motorcycle, flood, life, home owners insurance by assisting with planning expected and the unexpected life events. “We cannot avoid Mayhem but we can be prepared to deal with it. When you are prepared it passes with a bit more ease.” she said.

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Marvel Quevedo
Agency Owner -Allstate
5062 South Conway Rd., Orlando, FL 32812

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