Photographer: Viktorija Pashuta 

Wardrobe Stylist: Tiffani Chynel | Key MakeUp Artist: Anastasia Durasova
MakeUp Artists: Barbara Yniguez, Fidel Gonzalez, Jeff Jones, Leibi Carias,
Chelsea Conklin, Leslie Rodriguez, Megan Vigil | Key Hair Stylist: Atma Hari
Hair Stylists: Michelle Woodley, Carina Tafulu, Eva Cortez, Bethy Mireles
Model: Model Cassi Colvin | Mermaid Tail: The Mertailor Eric Ducharme
Manicurist: Destinee Handley | Set Design: Joshua Stricklin | Art Director: Brooke Ashe

Are Mermaids real? Legends say that the pure gold blood of mermaids holds the secret to eternal beauty. The Evil Queen hunted down their kind to extinction in her effort to stay young forever. Many have fallen in their attempts to hunt the few that remained, for the kiss of a siren is poison to all she doesn’t love. 



Watch the video that inspired the photoshoot here.