Family Man & Entrepreneur

Kevin O’Donnell is a family man and entrepreneur, in that order. Starting his professional career with a national real estate developer and traveling the country, Kevin quickly realized the only way for him to manage his personal life was to try and control his business life. Multiple companies later the basis of that philosophy still holds true.

As Managing Partner of Tern Capital Group, an investment company specializing in small to mid-market companies, Kevin understands the importance of investing not only in a specific business or product, but more importantly investing in the people who run them. Growing up my father always told me “You are who you hang with”. The older I get the more I understand that philosophy. You can invest in the greatest concept of all time but if you don’t have partners with the same business principles and strategic goals in mind then your chances for success are diminished. Sometimes you learn the hard way. I know I have.

The Meat House in Winter Park is one business O’Donnell started in 2011. A local butcher’s market The Meat House has engrained itself in the local community. Having given to over 100 local charities since inception, O’Donnell sees that as the backbone of the Meat House business. Provide a great product to the community and give back as much as possible. My father is a partner in The Meat House. We live, work, and play in Central Florida. It is our responsibility to help out our local community. Without local support we won’t be successful. We don’t advertise all that we do. For us it is important to be humble and thankful that we are in a position to be impactful. Watching my friend John Rivers (4Rivers Smokehouse) build his business with that principle being one of the cornerstones showed me the importance. Taking the best practices of specific businesses and the people who run them gives you an outstanding road map. Great people build great companies. I have a few really good mentors, some don’t realize the impact they have made on my personal business philosophies. Watching, and learning from those individuals is my way of doing research and development.

O’Donnell has a few projects on the horizon. The opening of a new restaurant called “The Porch” which is located directly next to The Meat House, the opening of a second location of craft beer concept “Frank & Steins”, and a joint venture with Shipyard/Sea Dog Brewing Company (Portland, Maine)on a new, local, craft beer brand. “My partners in each of those businesses are all great people who are successful with their respective brands”. The concepts are great but the teams of individuals behind them are even better!”

The Meat House
669 North Orange Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789.