A mere three years ago, Jessilyn Park didn’t know she could even paint.

In December 2011, she visited with her grandmother, who was a great painter in her time but quit painting because she lost her eyesight. Jessilyn went there to talk about life, lost love and disappointments.

Her grandmother suggested she pick up painting to take her mind off her troubles, Jessilyn hesitated because she knew she had no artistic talent. That’s when her grandmother walked over to her, put her hand on her shoulder, and said, “If I could give my talent to you, I would.”

That’s the moment that changed Jessilyn’s life forever.

The next day Jessilyn was inspired so she went to the craft store and bought supplies. She painted what she thought was a mediocre painting. She posted it on Facebook to show her friends, and to her surprise within hours someone wanted to buy it.

“I was in shock. I wasn’t expecting anyone to like my art. I was just doing it as a way to pass the time.”

After that, she painted another and another and she’d put them on Facebook and they would always sell within a few hours. She was amazed and decided to look into a way to become a better artist. After all, she had never even taken one art class. She graduated from UCF with a degree in Communications and Business.

She started a Facebook page and a Twitter account and began posting about her work and her vision. People began liking her page and before she knew it she had a few hundred Likes. This gave her the boost of confidence she needed to seek out professional mentorship.

To advance her artwork, and against the advice of family and friends, Jessilyn flew out to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for a private apprenticeship with renowned, Russian-born impressionist Leonid Afremov.

“Everyone was concerned for my safety, but I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime,” she says.

“Stunning, Vibrant Colors and Whimsical Magic”

Orlando Style Magazine

The influence of the impressionist shows in her work in her vibrant colors and broad brushstrokes. Jessilyn uses dazzling hues to bring her highly stylized city and country landscapes and erotic women to life.

Her career took off as she landed venues, shows, contracts, and even a wine label in California. Today, she works to bring her positive and imaginative art to all that find themselves in a hard place.

Though she began working with acrylics, Jessilyn now uses oil with a palette knife to finish her creations. This was done in part to emulate the style of her grandmother. “The palette knife was her favorite tool,” Jessilyn fondly recalls. Since then, Jessilyn has hoped to tap into the talent passed down through her blood as well as create inspiring scenes for her viewers.

“I think art/music has the ability to reach within our souls and change how we feel, live and see things,” she says. “Colors can enhance moods. I try to paint in colors that would inspire happiness in people.”

In less than a year, Jessilyn went from unknown to award-winning artist. It is her dearest hope that her message and inspiring story will resonate with the viewer. “I want them to realize that anything is possible,” she says. “Three years ago, I was living my life, working my job, not really knowing that all this would happen.”

Jessilyn’s art now appears on everything from watches, scarves, notebooks, ipad covers, duvet covers, shower curtains, area rugs and many more. She has more than 50,000 Likes on her Facebook page and over 100,000 across all social media platforms.

“I’m a true believer that we all have a hidden talent,” she says. “You just have to tap into, and once you find it don’t stop following your passion. Get out there, don’t be afraid to be rejected because it will happen. But all it takes is that one person to say yes and that can open up so many doors for you. You just have to keep knocking.”

For more information, please check out Jessilyn Park’s website at jessilynpark.com. Keep in touch with her on Facebook page at Jessilyn Park Art Studio to get the latest deals on her work.

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