Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

Jeff Badgley’s career as a trial lawyer was almost over before it started. “I really don’t have a story about how I always wanted to be a lawyer. After my first year in law school, I was in the top ten percent of my class, but I had no idea about what I wanted to do as a lawyer. I thought seriously of leaving law school to pursue a career in teaching, where I thought I could have an impact on the way people think about the world” That changed the following year, when Jeff joined the trial team at University of Florida College of Law, where he graduated with honors two years later.

“There were no lawyers in my family and I had no exposure to lawyers and what they do. While competing on the trial team, I had my first glimpse of how trial lawyers work for fairness and justice, even in the most ordinary situations of life, such as driving a car, or visiting a grocery store. I saw that a worthy lawsuit is really just a story about justice, and that verdicts are a significant way of bringing about a correction to an imperfect world.” A successful career was off to a start when Jeff’s trial team beat longtime rival Stetson University in a regional competition, and he went on to represent University of Florida at a national competition.

“In the fog of all the advertising, people can easily be misled about personal injury lawsuits and what they mean to the people and families who find themselves having to go to court to fight against powerful adversaries such as insurance companies. But when you hear the real story of how a person’s life is affected by such an event, you come to understand why they had to file a lawsuit to make things right.”

Jeff was lucky to inherit a gene for story telling from his Irish ancestors. “A story brings the facts of a case to life. I try to tell a very personal story of fairness and justice that explains why my client deserves to be compensated. It’s really a very basic human impulse to want to help another human being who is in need. A courtroom is a place where people can do that, when the story makes sense, when it is truthful, and when justice is on the side of the injured person.”

Jeff began his career at one Orlando’s largest law firms, representing clients in complex business and real estate disputes. After realizing that these cases almost never see the courtroom, he joined a firm that specialized in representing doctors and their insurance companies. Jeff sharpened the courtroom skills that he sought out in law school, until he achieved recognition by the Florida Supreme Court as an expert in Civil Trial Law. As a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer, Jeff has joined a group of elite lawyers – fewer than 5% of Florida lawyers have achieved this professional credential in their area of practice. Jeff has also been recognized with an “AV” rating by the prestigious Martindale-Hubble register, a peer ranking by judges and lawyers of the highest level of professional skill and practice.

In 2006, Jeff left the big law firms and made an important change in the clients that he fought for in court: “I decided that for the rest of my career, I would represent individuals and families, who deserved the same quality representation that insurance companies and large corporations demand from their big law firms.

Jeff now represents a wide variety of clients in cases that range from the simplest automobile accidents, to complex professional malpractice cases. For Jeff, that is what being a lawyer is about: pursing justice for his clients, one story at a time.

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