• My name is Jason Crane, Broker-Associate, with Real Estate Asset Disposition Corp.

• Successfully closed 720 career real estate transactions & total sales volume of $73 million, in personal production.

• Closed 64 transactions in 2015 with sales volume of $7.8 million.

• Named as Gold Status in the Orlando Regional Realtor Association’s 2015 Top Producer Club

• Featured in Orlando Style Magazine’s 2015 Orlando’s Top Realtors® Edition

• Certified REO Specialist (REO) & NAR Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource (SFR).

During 11 years, I have developed a reputation as being one of the top real estate experts in Central Florida with an extensive background in REO, foreclosure sale, tax deed, distressed homes & property management.

All of this knowledge & experience has been earned firsthand by knocking on doors, returning all phone calls, building relationships with key clients, drudging through title issues & managing some of the most challenging real estate listings in Florida.  Anything you can imagine in the real estate, I have navigated again & again & again.

How does one close 700+ deals & keep showing up every day with the same commitment & ambition? Passion. I wholeheartedly believe in real estate as one of the best investment vehicles on the planet, which is why I have personally accumulated a significant portfolio residential rental homes

I am often questioned about what I do for relaxation. To me, it is surfing in Brazil, Scuba diving in the Philippines, mountain climbing in Colorado or skiing in Maine. While growing up in New England, I was always athletic & continue to harness the drive to push my limits, explore, & travel as an adventurer & extreme athlete. I have traveled extensively throughout South America. I speak 3 languages. I have been sky diving, hang gliding, sandboarding, white water rafting, wake boarding & shark diving. I strongly believe that if you are not making yourself uncomfortable, then you are not growing. In April, my climbing partners & I summited Mt. Hood in Oregon. At 11,250 feet in elevation, it is the tallest mountain in the state. I also participated in successful winter summits of Mt. Washington in NH (6,289 ft.) & Quandary Peak in Colorado (14,265 ft.). Another expedition is schedule in June for Mt. Rainier in Seattle. Mountaineering has many parallels to life & business. The sense of achievement in attaining the summit is an exhilarating, emotional experience unlike anything else. However, the most character building expeditions were those in which I did not reach the summit. Some of my most vivid recollections in real estate are deals on which I worked tirelessly, but never reached the closing table. Whatever your mountain – Make the commitment. Build a team. Calculate the risks. Have an adaptable plan. Be OVER-prepared. Accept the forces that are beyond your control. Fight & battle until you reach the summit, UNLESS the risks could result in major harm to yourself or others. Have the humility to turn back or re-assess your decision making process.