Ladies, we’ve all been guilty of it before. Flirting with the nice guy we have no intention of dating in the hopes of scoring some free booze. For us it’s a win win situation — for the guys not so much. So fellows how do you tell if a girl is interested in you or your open bar? Orlando Style readers have come up with the best tips to tell:

The Fade Away

Sometimes this move is perfectly acceptable if a guy is being overly obnoxious but there are times when a girl just isn’t feeling the vibe you’re giving out. It could be any number of reasons but here’s one way to tell if she’s attempting to snag a drink and run for the hills.

“If she walks away right after you hand her a drink and uses the excuse she has to find her friends, she’s not interested. Or if she tries to get you to buy drinks for her friends too she’s definitely just using you.” – Jeffrey Moreir 26

The Over Achiever

As girls, we appreciate it when guys like to spend that extra cash in order to get us a drink that doesn’t give us a mind splitting headache the next morning. As guys, it’s frustrating when you do spend that extra money only to find out the girl was just using you.

“When a girl is drinking with me all night and I feel like she’s interested in me, I like to spend money on her. But when she starts becoming more concerned with the quality and price of the drinks than any part of our conversations, I start to see where her real intentions lie. Eventually when you ask her what kind of shot she wants she goes straight for the top shelf, like patron, but what she doesn’t realize is that I ordered Jose and said it was patron. Jokes on you.” – Nick Van Nice 28

Background Noise

Girls like to go out in groups for the obvious there’s safety in numbers reasoning. But when a girl is drinking with you and paying more attention to her friends then anything you have to say, that’s a sure sign she’s not genuinely interested.

“If she’s being quiet, acting shy, or talking to her friends more than she’s talking to me, I can tell she’s drinking with me just for free drinks. Usually when a girl actually seem genuinely interested they’re very talkative and touchy and give all of their attention to me instead of other people around us.” – Kyle Martin 24

So gentlemen try and look for these dead giveaways to avoid giving away your wallet. And ladies let’s try and be a bit more honest with our intentions. Being coy or playing hard to get is one thing but snagging that booze and running off like a bandit is another.