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Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Gray Proctor’s law practice is focused on civil and criminal appeals, postconviction proceedings, prisoner civil rights, and mitigating post-release collateral consequences.

Gray Proctor’s experience with post-conviction work began at Vanderbilt Law School, where he served as lead student counsel for death row inmate G’Dongalay Berry. Vanderbilt’s legal clinic was able to overturn the prior conviction that made Mr. Berry death-eligible. “If Mr. Berry’s appointed attorney had just reviewed the discovery, he would have learned that one of the eyewitnesses was incarcerated in a juvenile facility on the date Mr. Berry was charged with shooting Adriane Dickerson. That case really brought home to me what an important role the post-trial process serves in the criminal justice system,” he remembers.

Gray was also heavily influenced by criminal procedure expert Professor Nancy King, for whom he analyzed around 1,000 federal habeas corpus proceedings while working on her groundbreaking 2007 study. “She gave me such a great opportunity to learn the law by working on that project. I’m so thankful for her role in shaping my career.” Gray and Professor King co-authored an article in 2012.

After law school, Gray served as a law clerk to judges in federal courts in the Southern District of Texas and the Eastern District of Virginia, as well as the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The mentoring he received from these “gifted jurists “shaped my practice to this day. Working closely with the judges gave me a sense of which kinds of advocacy are persuasive and which are not.”

Gray left the federal courts to serve as Deputy Director (under former United States Pardon Attorney Margaret Love) of the American Bar Association’s National Inventory of Collateral Consequences, an online searchable 50-state survey of civil disabilities arising after conviction for a crime.

Gray opened his law office in Orlando in 2012. He limits his practice to appellate and postconviction work except for certain prisoner civil rights suits. “I have to say that the Orlando legal community has been extremely welcoming. There have been plenty of opportunities for interesting, important work on civil and criminal cases. I look forward to building on the successful start, and I extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for honoring me as a rising star this year.”

Gray is a member of the advisory board of the Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs’ Criminal Law Reporter, and also serves the Appellate Practice Section of the Florida Bar as assistant publications editor and assistant editor for the Pro Se Appellate Handbook. He has published articles in the Federal Sentencing Reporter, the Hamline Law Review, and the Bloomberg/BNA Criminal Law Reporter. Articles in the Appellate Practice Section’s Journal (the Record) and the Florida Bar Journal are forthcoming.

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