The winter lasted a little longer this year but can’t you feel it creeping around the corner can’t you? The humid nights and unbearable sunny days ready to bear down on us here in Florida. That’s right boys and girls, that unrelenting season we call summer is here. As many of you know there are few places to get away from the sweat and the heat when outdoors during the summer months. I think the best way to cool off is by having the right frozen or refreshing beverage in your hand. Hopefully what you read below will help make this one a little more tolerable and at times, a lot of fun to be out in the Florida sun.

The first thing that comes to our minds at the beach on a scorching hot day is where that frozen drink is when I need it. It is a little cliché to think beach, sun and frozen daiquiri but it is something that goes along with the summer months down here without question. You all know the classics that all the tourists and the like ask for, from the Pina Colada to the Classic Margarita. The daiquiri can take on more than one style, which is why I prefer to order one myself. I will get back around to that but let’s focus on the frozen daiquiri for a second. The frozen daiquiri as most know it is with rum, lime juice, sugar and ice, from there the daiquiri has turned into a fruity rainbow of colors and flavors. You see strawberry to banana to mango and usually they are a pre bought mix that we just add booze and ice to. Step it up a notch the next time you get a place at the beach and introduce fresh fruit back to the daiquiri, I know it will be happy to see them. Make sure you have a good blender for your frozen concoctions and sugar or simple sugar. An easy simple syrup recipe to make before your beach excursion is equal parts sugar and water. Just bring to a boil to make the syrup and viola you are almost done. Since the strawberry daiquiri has found its way into the frozen realm of summery goodness let’s make it the way it was meant to be. Grab about 7 to 10 strawberries and throw them in the blender with 2oz. of light rum, ½ oz. of simple syrup, ¼ oz. of fresh lime juice and ice. Blend, pour and head to the beach to make everyone a little jealous of you.

I know some of you already know this but for those who do not, the original daiquiri was never meant to be frozen or turned into a fruit filled frozen drink that is found in every pool bar in Florida. The classic dates back to a simpler time that has seen a resurgence in recent years in local bars and beach retreats. The story goes that an American engineer, Jennings Cox, invented it in Cuba about 1896. Though there are other versions of where and when it began we still reap the benefits of a classic cocktail meant for our summer weather. The way I like mine is by pouring 1 ¾ oz. of light rum, ¾ oz of fresh lime juice and ¼ oz of simple sugar into a mixing tin over ice. Shake well and strain into a tall glass over cracked ice. Garnish with a lime wheel and sit back, cool down and chill. If you want to go truly old school just fill a Collins glass with cracked ice and pour a tablespoon of sugar on top. Shake the rum and lime juice in a tin and pour atop the ice and stir. Either way you will have in your hand not only a classic cocktail with roots not too far from where you are now but a surefire way to beat the Florida sun.

Sure there are tons of other options out there and I encourage to drink what you love when hitting the beach or playing poolside. I am just partial to that classic daiquiri that is steeped in rich history. If you are entertaining and want to bring some exotic fruits to your frozen daiquiri of choice, go for it. I know your friends will welcome one of your frozen concoctions the minute that glass hits their hand. Just remember to enjoy the Florida heat the best way possible, with a cooling cocktail that makes even the hottest days bearable. Please one thing though, no curly straws allowed.