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At Stoneybrook Dental we specialize in CARE with state-of-the-art dentistry utilizing CEREC one-visit, same-day ceramic crowns, clear braces (Invisalign Preferred Provider), soft-tissue laser, digital radiography and dental implants. We CARE by providing a relaxed, positive atmosphere with inspiring sounds, aromatherapy, massage dental chairs, monitors in the ceiling and nitrous oxide upon request. Dr. Wardlaw believes in painless dentistry focused on prevention. We are a comprehensive dental practice treating all ranges of General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Wendi Wardlaw is a member of the Holistc Dental Association connecting and treating the mind, body and soul. She believes in homeopathic approaches to treatment including essential oils, kinesiology and soon coming, ozone therapies.


Doctor of Dental Surgery from Howard University College of Dentistry, Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Columbia University College of Dental and Oral Surgery.


Dr. Wardlaw has received multiple community outreach awards while serving 10 years in the Army Dental Corps and throughout her training and research at Howard and Columbia Universities.


I am blessed to be a blessing as a missionary of 13 years through my not-for-profit Inspired Purpose, Inc.


We treat people, not just teeth. We ask questions and listen because we CARE. This is a God-inspired dental practice, which means ethics and positivity are not in question.


Dr. Wardlaw is a missionary of 13 years who serves in the ministry of dentistry at home in Central Florida and abroad. She has served repeatedly in Nigeria, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Albania, Ghana, Jamaica and Haiti. You can support this 501c3 through InspiredPurpose.Org. She is a dental correspondent 6 days a week heard both nationally and internationally as DrWendiDDS “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You.”


In June 2016, Inspired Purpose, Inc had its 1st Annual Missions Benefit Concert, allowing the non-profit to grow its ministry to eyewear.  We believe if you can see, you can go and if you can go, you can grow! Dr. Wendi teaches, “An infection in your mouth is an infection in your head. An infection in your mouth will either go up (your brain) or down (your heart). Research has shown that both heart disease and strokes have links to oral disease along with low birth weight babies, diabetes and many cancers. We believe education and information decreases fear and disease. Oral health doesn’t stop with teeth; you can’t be healthy without a healthy head so schedule your dental checkup today. Your health depends on it.  Be healthy and be blessed.”