Dr. Rollan Roberts is an internationally renowned, best-selling author, CEO, and TV personality.  He has led several direct sales, healthcare, and technology organizations and founded or coached companies that experienced exponential global growth.  In addition to being a recognized industry expert, he holds a Doctorate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, holds two patents, was a state Senate candidate in 2012, and continues to bring hope to thousands of people around the world through various products, services, speeches, and interviews.


Dr. Roberts shares, “I know what it’s like to grow up with nothing, make millions of dollars, lose everything then fight your way back to achieve greater success. I know what it’s like to experience massive financial, relationship, and career loss and setback, decide it’s not over then pick up the pieces to create something beautiful.

I learned the secrets long ago that have helped so many achieve massive success.  These principles helped me accumulate significant real estate holdings, start, lead, and turnaround businesses, lose 75 pounds, lead a multi-billion dollar, publicly held company with over 1,000 employees under my direction at 24 years old, and run an impossible campaign for state Senate coming just 33 votes shy of victory.”

Dr. Roberts is highly innovative, structured and disciplined with a total commitment to excellence.  His sense of urgency is contagious and effective at leading people and getting results now, often doubling client’s income/revenue in 12-24 months.

What stands out most is his passion.  He plays with heart.  He continues, “If I do something, I do it with everything I have – whether it’s my work, flying planes, riding horses or spending time with my girls. I believe the Bible teaches that whatever your hand finds to do, do it with everything you’ve got.  Do your best.  It doesn’t matter whether you sweep floors or run the country – give it everything you have.”


Dr. Roberts is Founder & CEO of The Prompting – a non-profit ministry devoted to helping high achievers win in life and business through Faith, Success and Legacy.  The organization offers Crisis Management and Personal Spiritual Advisors for high profile CEOs, athletes, politicians, celebrities, companies and government agencies.

The Prompting serves and supports thousands of CEOs and entrepreneurs around the country free of charge through their weekly CEO Huddles, a weekly roundtable mastermind designed to help them live their faith in business.  There are currently 2 CEO Huddles each week in Orlando.

The overall mission is to help people live a successful life that honors God and leaves a worthwhile legacy. Dr. Roberts adds, “There’s not another organization I’m aware of that is dedicated to helping you leave a legacy that outlives you and the buildings, libraries, streets and universities your name is on.  That’s what we do.”


Every individual, family and company experiences a crisis at one point or another.  Don’t wait for something bad to happen to put God first in your life. 

I understand the unique challenges of running billion dollar companies, having thousands of employees, starting businesses, extensive travel and trying to have a good home and spiritual life.  Fortunately, that experience allows me to help others navigate life’s murky waters and come out on top.

My counsel to you:

• Get a Personal Spiritual Advisor (PSA)

• Create a Worthwhile Legacy (starts now)

• Attend a CEO Huddle or Peer Mastermind Group


The Prompting will have a Florida DMV-issued license plate in 2016. All gifts of $100 or more get to choose between a limited edition commemorative replica plate of the exact design (only 497 made) or one of our Legacy plates.  Please visit www.LegacyPlate.com for more information. 

The Prompting is a non-profit organization that helps you live a life of faith, success and legacy.  Dr. Roberts is accepting new individual and corporate clients.  For more information, please visit www.thePrompting.org or call 850.888.8190.

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