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TLC Pediatric Therapies
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TLC Pediatric Therapies is one of the leading pediatric therapy providers in Central Florida. Our providers are true pediatric therapy specialists who undergo extensive in-house training.TLC Pediatric Therapies is also affiliated with one of the most trusted names in children’s healthcare worldwide, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Our therapists and doctors offer a proactive and multidisciplinary approach in consideration of your family’s needs. We specialize in areas of practice to optimize development of your child’s independence including feeding and oral-motor therapy, behavior, splinting and bracing, wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment, toileting and hygiene, and assistive technology. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We promote self-confidence and advocacy, inclusion in the schools, health and fitness goals, vocational skills training, and access to the community. TLC Pediatric Therapy works closely with other providers of health-care in our community such as other therapists, teachers and caregivers, assistive technology practitioners, orthotists, and physicians.

It is with great pleasure and extreme confidence that I recommend TLC Pediatric Therapy. I have known Doug Stafford and the staff of TLC both personally and professionally for almost ten years. Their dedication to the autism community cannot be understated.

Professionally, TLC Pediatric Therapy representatives have collaborated with ASGO on events and activities including our Sea of Dreams event at Sea World, our Autism Walk & Family Fun Day inside the Orange County Convention Center, and our Adventures in Autism Event at the Nick Hotel. They not only volunteer to assist ASGO, but they interact throughout the events with individuals with autism. In addition, a representative of TLC has held a seat on the ASGO Board. She was my “go to” person when we were trying to plan games and activities to address the children’s lack of communication, sensory issues, and motor skill deficits, as it is always important for us to create activities/games that would help the individual with autism grow in their development. And finally, representatives of TLC are always the first to volunteer their time and expertise to grow programs that support those with autism. Professionally, there is no group of individuals that I would trust more with our kids then TLC Pediatric Therapy.

Personally, TLC Pediatric Therapy representatives have provided direct services to my son, Andrew, a young man with moderate to severe autism with significant behavior issues. It was always a challenge to find therapists willing to work him and his behaviors. TLC Pediatric Therapy was not only able to secure therapists that specialized in speech, occupational, and physical therapies, but the therapists themselves were incredibly skilled and patient throughout their time with him. Our son made significant progress through the well planned, well organized therapy sessions that took into account the need for constant movement and constant reinforcement. The therapists were a blessing to us and a huge source of support to Drew. He truly would not be where he is today without their hard work and dedication.

During the past ten years, I have come to know Doug Stafford and staff of TLC Pediatric Therapy and have witnessed time and time again their engagement and support of those with autism. They are committed to insuring that every person is treated fairly and with respect. Any individual with autism would benefit greatly by the services and support of representatives from TLC Pediatric Therapy. I have no hesitation in recommending TLC Pediatric Therapy.

Donna Lorman,

Autism Society of Greater Orlando
1650 Sand Lake Road Suite 209A
Orlando, FL 32809
P: 407-855-0235
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