garsonDeborah has always been fundamentally optimistic whether it came from nature or nurture. She’s on a new journey: developing a strong relationship with God and giving Him full reign to guide her deeds and works. Many of us start out in life either knowing exactly what we ought to be (doctor, lawyer, teacher) or find out along a winding path (timewaster, server, programmer, engineer). Deborah was the latter (except timewaster). No distinctive career choices seem obvious; all she knew was she had to take charge of her life and destiny to survive. But what is destiny and what keeps us searching to find that right career goal?  She knew she had this deep sense of love for everything, was it love?  She knew there was no defined career direction – faith? and sensed there must be a light at the end of the tunnel – hope?

I’m blessed to be given this opportunity to be selected as a top Real Estate Broker in Orlando, Florida and want to first acknowledge and highlight God, who is the giver of my faith and experience before highlighting my career.

 A Real Estate Broker of Change who is leading by Faith, Foundation, Brain and Beauty

Deborah’s story is no different from many other immigrants of biblical times, yesteryear or today. And so, she ended up in real estate 15 years ago by accident – her initial explanation. The Editor-in-Chief at REMAX recognized her skillset, knowledge, and success and wrote this article in the “Above” RE/MAX magazine:

Deborah Garson calls herself a “walking billboard” in her enthusiasm for RE/MAX, its entrepreneurial culture and its emphasis on lifelong learning. It was a good fit for this energetic agent with a thirst for knowledge.

“I see education as architecture; building blocks of steps leading towards growth and sustainability: Every course or every certification is another facet in building my business and preparing for the unknown.”

In the decade she’s been with RE/MAX, Garson has completed many courses and added a string of designations and certifications to her list of credentials: Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Five Star REO Certification, Certified International Real Estate Specialist (CIRES), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), among others which revved up her knowledge.

She says this extensive education has enabled her to work on a wide array of transactions from residential deals to commercial properties, plus being positioned ahead of the market curve gave her an edge as a preferred REO Broker representing Banks and Servicers managing and disposing their assets.

Garson is currently pursuing the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation.

Before choosing a career in real estate, this RE/MAX Hall of Fame spent years as a top executive at luxury hotels gaining the exposure and experience working along with echelons of society. Once she joined RE/MAX, she knew she wanted to continue serving the international community.

The benefits of her professional acumen, ethical approach, foresight plus her energetic positive spirit enabled her to established herself as a leader and expert at the highest level and at every part of the industry spectrum both nationally and internationally. She’s been featured in many magazines including builder’s magazine, community and neighborhood magazines, previous issue of Orlando Style magazine with headlines such as “Hall of Famer Loves Learning All She Can”, “Agent of Change”, “Brain and Beauty”, etc.

Deborah has a renewed focus and drive that is leading towards a broader path. No longer with REMAX, she is embracing her strong faith and strength harnessed from her family of preachers, educators, and entrepreneurs.  She’s no longer reluctant, but embracing her passion of ministry, missionary and philanthropy. Adventurous in spirit, her passion for animals and nature has enabled her to explore the interior and exterior of Alaska, Canada and the Caribbean. Climbing the Pika Glacier in Alaska is the tip of the iceberg as she anticipates her next adventure to connect with her family roots in Eurasia, Middle East and Africa while exploring the top of the mountains to the bottom of the seas.    

And for the first time, she learned her present career in Real Estate was already carved out unbeknownst to her over half a century ago. Her grandfather, Clifford Love, was a very good builder and contractor who passed way too early to share his gift to his daughters and his granddaughter – DEBORAH ELIZABETH “LOVE”

Deborah is actively involved in charities that have impacted her life and pursuing studies driven by desires: Special Needs Ministry, Food for the Poor, Solving Global Issues thru Faith and Works, World Peace thru Love, Hope thru Charity, Sustainable Development and Market Share and Positive Vibrations.   

Deborah’s life has just begun…

Deborah e. Garson, PA
5401 Kirkman Rd., Orlando, FL 32819
C: 407-361-3475  | O: 407-363-5757
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