Collazo Collection is the collaborative works of artists Angela Brooks and Gabriel Collazo.






“As artists working together in the studio, Collazo and Brooks have evolved a sophisticated process”

When artists say the “process” of creation is the most important part of the artistic work in the studio, Brooks and Collazo give new meaning to the concept. They work together in the studio; their work is intensely collaborative, like dialogues in paint. The end result in the works themselves reveals the synchronicity of their artistic vision – their palette, their emotional feeling for texture, for subtlety of expression and their ––evident freedom.


Here is how they describe what the process means to them.

In our everyday lives there are so many things we have to do that we wanted to make our studio experience a place of letting go and being free to create. Painting is not a job; “it comes from our souls. It’s something we love doing together, spending as much time with each piece until our time with it is complete. A wise counselor guided our thought process in creating art; “This is our time with God and the love of something you do, letting every part of the process be guided by love and free of any expectations and the universe will have no choice but to recognize what you are doing.”

Cosmolude 48”H x 72”W | Mixed Media on Wood

Cosmolude 48”H x 72”W | Mixed Media on Wood


Our art is a natural progression of style, color, texture and balance. We approach each piece with an inspiration and direction we want to begin with. Preparing each piece and looking at a white primed surface anticipating art. Most pieces are laid down flat for days, sometimes weeks, allowing for texture, movement and inspiration to take form. There is a reaction that happens with mediums that should not be mixed together; chemicals blend together to form controlled chaos that creates our style of abstract art.

We love leaving each night, taking one last look at each piece and coming back the next day to discover what has naturally occurred. It takes layers and layers of techniques and treatments for a piece to reach completion.

We are a team, we are soulmates, and we believe in love and we love what we do.

In today’s chaotic, highly focused world, the home is the last sanctuary to rest and relax. Beauty renourishes the soul and helps remind us of the purpose and the meaning of all our busy activities. The beautiful surfaces of Angela Brooks and Gabriel Collazo wash quietly over your eyes to rest in your soul and provide atmospheric harmony.

As artists working together in the studio, Collazo and Brooks have evolved a sophisticated process of making large format work. They work at a scale that a viewer can immerse oneself into and explore. Their signature style is one of ablution and serenity, girding one against the outside world.

Artist and writer, Richard Reep | 407.383.6797

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