Focus on the Client. That is the approach that Chris has adopted in his business. Each day Chris’s goal is to keep his clients best interest as his goal when working with a buyer or seller, helping them to achieve their real estate goals. Simple basic guiding rules and disciplines keep Chris’s eye on the goal of taking the time to listen to each client whether they be one if his high value clients or a client referral of a friend or child of a past client, looking to make their 1st home purchase. “I learned many years ago that if I help my client achieve their goals, I will achieve my goals in business and life”.

Chris concentrates his practice to Seminole and Orange Counties. As the area has grown and changed since starting his career back in 1987, Chris has learned that you can’t be all things to all people and you need to have a fantastic working knowledge of your product in a rapidly changing market place. Chris considers himself not only a Realtor but more importantly a counselor, guiding his clients through every step of the transaction including helping with financing and of course the closing.

Chris got his taste of housing while working for his parents who designed and built custom homes here in Central Florida so housing has been in his blood since a young age. He was exposed to all aspects of both design and construction, working on the job sites with the crews digging footers up to nailing shingles, and then later he was trained in structural design and later in direct sales with the custom home client. In 1987, Chris left the family business and went to work for Huskey Realty in Longwood which at that time was still developing the communities in Sweetwater and the surrounding area, RiverCrest in Sanford and many other high end communities. He was also exposed to general real estate and was mentored by some of the best agents in town on how to listen to a client’s needs and goals, to guide and direct them to the product that best works for them and to guide them away from making a real estate mistake by purchasing a home on emotion and not looking long term down the road. “I have talked many buyers out of a home because I knew that they were making a mistake and making a sale is not my focus, creating a long term client that trusts me is what I focus on”.

Everyone has a passion in their professional life. Nothing makes me happier than when I get a call from a client, many years in the past and they say that we called you because we trust you and we need your help. That help may be as simple as “my a/c is not working, my house is hot, who I call” or we are being transferred to a new City, we need to sell our home, come over and advise us on what we need to do. Just the other day, I received a call from a couple who don’t need to sell until January, 2017, they wanted to meet with me just to go over repairs and staging tips to be completed over the next 12 months. I spent 3 hours with them and in a year, when the time is right for them, we will list that home and I will be a part of getting them moved towards retirement. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of helping a young couple purchase their 1st home after renting for 8+ years. He is a Doctor with an extremely demanding schedule, the wife was 5 months pregnant and we needed to find a home that fit their lifestyle in a gated and safe community, get the home purchased and closed with 60 days to spare for remodeling time before the child was born, this was a good challenge. A few months later, I helped them met their goals and gained great friends in the process and helped to take the stress out of this busy families life. Helping a family solve their real estate issue brings me the greatest joy, knowing that I didn’t “sell” them a home, I helped them solve an issue in a short period of time. That to me is a rush, knowing that I did a good job and most importantly, helped someone out.

When asked what a typical client was, a pause came over the room as there is no typical client. I work with a lot of Executives and Doctors which allows me to work in the higher end communities however I also receive several referrals each year from these same folks as well as many of my past clients over the past 28 years. Chris may show in a gated community in the morning and later that day be working with a 1st time Townhome client. I love 1st time buyers and sellers. They expect a “salesman” that will agree with everything that they say, never disagree and if they like a home, they expect that I will tell them that this is the home for them but they are surprised when I may not agree and point out the power lines behind the home or some other defect that I know will haunt them down the road. Chris likes to educate each buyer or seller and guide them to make the right decision, not to settle and in return, they will come back year after year which is a good business plan for any profession. Chris loves to pass on his knowledge and experience to his clients.

Knowledge and experience are important to any profession. With 8 National Designations (ABR, ALHS, CDPE, CRS, CSP, GRI, e-PRO, TRC) as well as a Brokers License, over 630 closings totaling over 110,000,000 in closed volume, Chris feels that he can offer his clients value.

In his personal life, Chris is the husband to his wonderful and supportive wife Donna as well as several dogs. We help with a local dog rescue and provide end of life care for Pomeranians so our home is like an assisted living facility for senior dogs!

Each day I am lucky when the phone rings and someone has a problem that they need help solving.  Sometimes it means helping them buy or sell a home, sometimes it is as simple as I need a good plumber, can you help me.  I love real estate.  I have the honor and pleasure of getting paid to help people reach their real estate goals!


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