A Look at Some of Summer’s Coolest Cocktails

It’s summer and a time to chill – whether you are planning a staycation in your own backyard or visiting friends and family in other states. Let’s face it – there’s no place like home. The same holds true for made in America hand crafted spirits. These days, the number of spirits made in America is turning heads, not only here but also in other countries.

“You could say Bourbon is Kentucky born and bred. That’s not true anymore. We’re seeing bourbon brands from across the country because craft spirits have taken off in a big way,” says Jim Rutledge, Master Distiller, Four Roses Bourbon.

The same holds true for other spirits like Rye and even Rum. According to Bill Owens, President of the American Distilling Institute, we are experiencing a renaissance of craft distilling and the numbers of new distilleries are more than impressive. The Institute not only acts as a voice for America’s craft distillers but provides hands-on distilling workshops, education resources and of course, advice for start up businesses. “We live in a country that is so diverse, so different in terms of terrain, water and agriculture, the opportunity is great to distill a gin for example and truly create a product that is unique and works beautifully in a cocktail,” he says.

The interest in cocktails, especially American Cocktails is not waning. Tales of the Cocktail, the annual event held in New Orleans draws bartenders from around the world.

“A conversation about American spirits isn’t just about bourbon and whiskey anymore,” said Ann Tuennerman, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail, the spirits industry’s premier trade festival held annually in New Orleans. “There are incredible spirits of all kinds, all with great stories being crafted in distilleries across the country. Really, it’s been like that for years but I think local movement has brought light to the spirits being made in our own backyard.”

Speaking of backyards, we’re pleased to present a few of our own summer favorites for chillin. Inspired yet? You can create a unique spin on these by adding fruit from the tree in your backyard (or your neighbor’s). Cheers!