Author: Yngrid Lindores

Get That Pup In Shape!

  First, is your dog overweight? Ask your veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s size at every check-up. In between visits, as a rule of thumb, you can conduct the “chub pup” test. This is a simple test to tell if your pet has put on a few pounds too many. First, gently feel around your dog’s rib cage. If you are unable to locate the rib cage with just a thin layer of fat separating it from the skin, then you have an overweight dog. There should be a thin layer of fat in between the ribcage and skin....

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Space Coast Makes a Comeback with Reusable Rockets

From the same launch pad where NASA first sent astronauts to the moon, the Falcon Heavy, the first privately owned and reusable super heavy-lift launch rocket took off into space. SpaceX, a company founded and run by entrepreneur Elon Musk, built the Falcon Heavy and sparked a revival of the Space Age. The launch alone had floods of people pouring into Brevard to get a look at this important milestone in spaceflight history. Now, that the crowds are back, the space industry along with Florida’s Space Coast can build on the momentum. Florida in particular is expected to benefit from...

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