Author: Georyana Santos

Natural Beauty

Radical Celebrity Stars Spark Anti-Makeup Movement The fame life — luxurious cars, red carpet events, and riches. Although fame promises celebrities the glory, it seems to leave out the pressure that comes with it: lack of privacy, paparazzi, and the burden to look 100% flawless. In Hollywood, female celebrities constantly undergo pressure to appear pimple-free, so much that in the past year, a no-makeup movement has immersed. Prominent stars such as Alessia Cara and Alicia Keys have lashed out against Hollywood beauty standards, provoking a natural, bare-faced trend. Which celebrity star will be next in joining? Alessia Cara The...

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Triple Berry Martini  Can you smell it? Love is in the air during the month of February. Valentines Day is just around the corner and with cards, chocolates, and teddy bears also comes cocktails. The Love Potion Martini is a delicious homemade drink designed exclusively to WOW your loved one on this special holiday. Sweeten up your sweetheart with this easy to whip up drink that combines pomegranate juice,  strawberry vodka, and Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur. To top it off and help you create a special mood for love, take two strawberries, cut them into hearts, and place them...

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Traveling with Your Pet?

Tips for making it a smooth holiday getaway Traveling for the holidays is a gift. Even though bringing our parents and siblings is enjoyable, taking along our four-legged family member can be a dream come true. Yes, puppies! Successful flight travels with pets requires patience, planning, and flexibility, but if you do it right, vacationing with your furry friend can be an amazing bonding opportunity. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and your best buddy prepare for a smooth trip: Check, check, check: Airlines have strict regulations when it comes to the size of pet...

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Rock The Holidays With Violectric!

Combine a mix of VioluminescenceTM lighted string instruments with individuals who play killer live musical hits, and you have yourself the string sensation, “Violectric.” Formed in 2008, the string quintet plus keyboard and drums has opened up for and toured with acts such as Adam Levine, Sting, and Sarah Brightman. The top string rock group combines electric pickups and effects with their custom arrangements of classic and modern rock tunes such as Who Are You?” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Chandelier,” and “Despacito.” Violectric will return to the Walt Disney Amphitheatre for a fun-filled live concert featuring traditional holiday songs mashed...

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Trench & Maple | Musical Best Friends

World’s most talented dog or inseparable best friends? For Trench, a multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle guitarist, that question has written “both” all over it when referring to his loyal sidekick, Maple. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, Vine, or Instagram over the past two years, chances are you’ve come across this special dog. Maple is Trench’s devoted female companion every time he sits down to play a catchy tune on his acoustic guitar. She is a mixed breed with part Border Collie, Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog. Maple was adopted by her owner as a small puppy from a...

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