Author: Dana Damato

The Perry Hotel

A Destination Within a Destination I’m a born and raised Florida girl. Being in a tropical climate, feeling the ocean’s breeze whip through my hair and catching a few waves on my surfboard is something that has been instilled in my day-to-day life. I live for it, I love it and I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that isn’t within a 30-minute drive from the ocean. One of my favorite things about Florida’s beaches is that they are all unique in their own way. More specifically, the Florida Keys is a paradise of its own. Each Key is a little...

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A Perfect Getaway for the Girls

“We need a girls’ trip,” I said matter-of-factly to my closest gal pal. We live on different sides of Florida’s coast, and we never fail to get together every couple of months for brunch. However, with our busy lives and hectic careers, we needed not just brunch, but a weekend getaway to sip cocktails by the beach and relax. “I agree,” she responded. “Where should we go?” We wanted to go some place chic, on the beach and with plenty of things to do on property as well as nearby if we wanted to venture out. We knew the...

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Take Off To Jupiter

Standing tall in Warrior Pose never felt so peaceful. I’m not an avid yogi by any means, but with the morning sun warming my skin, the soothing sound of the waves breaking against the pristine shoreline, and the ocean breeze gently blowing through my hair, I felt completely connected in mind, body and spirit. Finding inner peace (or peace and quiet in general) is one of the most difficult things to do in a busy lifestyle.  Whether you’re balancing a family and a career, a high-stress job, or stress of everyday life, one thing most people neglect doing is...

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