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Author: Alexandra Niblett

The PURRRfect Coffee House

Can you imagine a cute, fun-loving fur ball purring against your leg, looking up at you with its big beautiful eyes as you sip on a nice cup of joe with your girlfriends? Now, imagine there are several more adorable kitties running around playing with toys, while a couple other cats lounge around, living the life. It’s not called cat heaven, but it sure feels like it! This special place is called Orlando Cat Café. Orlando Cat Café serves as a safe haven for sweet cats who are looking for new companions young and old, as well as their...

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The Ritz Life

Living in Orlando for nearly two years now, I have metamorphosed from a foreigner to a local, experiencing many of the must-do’s and world-renowned attractions and enjoying the one-of-a-kind sites and diverse cuisines — I know this city like the back of my hand…

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