Many people find themselves trapped by the very life that they built; a life that they may have once treasured. Divorce, child custody, paternity and other family legal issues are difficult issues. At Ashley Filimon, P.A., Ashley and her staff apply knowledge, expertise, and efficiency to place their clients at ease. With Ashley, her clients have more than an attorney; They have a relentless advocate. Ashley uses a no nonsense approach to representation by swiftly analyzing the issues at hand, quickly responding to the needs of her clients, and diligently applying the law to gain the results that each case deserves.

Whether it’s alimony, child support or the division of property, you work hard for the fruits of your labor and need the peace of mind that comes with competent representation. Control and communication are at the center of every controversy. Choose a lawyer that can navigate the legal waters of your case while you continue to maintain control of your daily life. At Ashley Filimon, P.A., her legal team responds to each situation swiftly. We strive to answer each phone call, email, and text with speed and efficiency.

Each person facing a family legal matter worries whether or not they will maintain their relationship with their children, will they be able to keep their home or how much will they owe at the end of what was a meaningful relationship. With experience and a common sense approach, Ashley guides her clients into reasonable solutions by outlining the possibilities and scenarios that may unfold during the litigation. Many clients own their own businesses or work in a family business together. Ashley’s experience in Corporate America combined with her legal expertise comes in to play with these situations. Reality rules in family law. The reality is that relationships age and people grow apart but not before they have created a family and amassed assets important for growth, happiness, and retirement. You work hard to build a life of comfort that can be enjoyed at the end of each day. Why would you trust your hard earned life to just anyone. Trust Ashley Filimon as your LegalPerson to protect your peace of mind, your family relationships and your financial well-being.

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