the face behind Fairbanks Realty, Orlando FL

Antoniya Georgieva, Real Estate Broker Associate at Fairbanks Realty, offers  over 12 years of experience in Real Estate, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Rollins College, Winer Park, FL, and a Master’s Degree in Trans-Atlantic Relations, UNC at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Studied Security and European Policies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and Bath University, United Kingdom.  Instrumental in developing a network of European investors and building a positive rapport with Europeans relocating to FL.

How long have you been in the Real Estate Business? I obtained my Florida Real Estate license in 2004 while still in college. I entered the Real Estate field early and I never looked back. In this business the ‘cash is the limit,’ it is hard work, but very rewarding. The stress levels are high, but the opportunities are endless. My mentor and business partner, Randy Wilson, has been in the business for over 25 years. This is the second company that we built together, so we offer over 37 years of combined experience.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

“Real Estate is always in Style!”

It is still the safest investment as people will always need shelter. I must say that I live in interesting times and as an Economist I appreciate the opportunity to have actually experienced the market cycles. I lived through the economic collapse in communist Bulgaria in 1989, and through the Real Estate market crush in USA in 2006. I experienced the impact of these trying times and I learned from them. Life taught me early that Real Estate is a natural security against inflation and especially hyperinflation, but I also learned not to ‘play’ with homes’ yearly appreciation, but rely on other factors too.

Hair & Make Up Artist Caroline Van Haastert

Hair & Make Up Artist Caroline Van Haastert

What makes Fairbanks Realty Different? At Fairbanks Realty we find real estate deals and the deals sell themselves. We never look for buyers, we always look for deals! When we make our real estate investors money, they stick around. They call us, they want to work with us, they trust us. We work with the same pool of investors time after time. They are good to us, and we are good to them! They show us their commitment and willingness to act fast, and we show them the deal. Once they have gone through the process a few times, investors don’t even want to see the properties before buying them. We have developed a very specific formula and when a property fits the criteria, every investor wants it.

What is a leading criterion in buying an investment home? Buy the cheapest thing in the best location and buy a lot of it. Don’t ever buy an investment house that you don’t see yourself living in. Look at the ‘naked body’ of the home not the ‘outfit.’

What are the Housing Market Forecasts and predictions for 2016?  The U.S. housing market had a strong year and 2016 will be a natural continuation. We should expect the mortgage rates to continue to climb, which may lead to some slowdown in the real estate market; however, supply and demand imbalances could still drive the home prices up and expected job gains can contribute even further to that factor.

You are not a stranger to the spot light, you are Mrs. FL USA Universal 2014, can you tell us more about that? It was a great honor to be Mrs. FL USA Universal 2014. I also had the privilege to represent Florida in the USA Universal National pageant in Providence, Rhode Island, where I came in 6th. Pageants provide an opportunity to contribute to your community and charity of choice. As a Spokesperson for Dress for Success I had the chance to spread the word of their tireless dedication to empower economically disadvantaged women. I came to this country seeking opportunities and dreaming of finding my first professional job. It is easy to support Dress for Success; I see myself in every one of these brave women going through a transformation process.

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