“Peace of mind is priceless,” says the Orlando native. “I don’t pretend to matter very much in the grand scheme of the universe. But the people who do seek out my help are in real need. They are afraid or hurting, and to them, what I do and how I do it matters very much.”

Albert Yonfa partnered with Ryan Hayes to start a firm with a simple premise; stay small and product quality will stay high. Yonfa Hayes, P.A. specializes in representing injured individuals due to the actions of individuals, companies, schools or government entities. Every client of the Yonfa Hayes law firm has Yonfa’s cell phone number. Both Yonfa and Hayes began as defense attorneys for large insurance companies. After learning how insurance companies evaluated and defended cases, Yonfa left to join up with a large personal injury firm to represent injured individuals.

“Ryan and I had very similar tracks to lead us to the formation of our firm. Client’s having access to my cell phone was a must when Yonfa Hayes began. I made the decision to know my clients. When they call my cell phone, I know it’s not just to say ‘hello.’ I want my clients to be able to sit down at the dinner table with their family and not be worrying unnecessarily about their legal issues.”

The formula was an immediate success. Yonfa Hayes’ reputation for client satisfaction continues to spread quickly as the firm has clients throughout the State of Florida from Key West to Pensacola. The firm’s unique blend of big firm trial experience with a dedication to remaining boutique has been a refreshing departure from the norm. Yonfa believes clients are under enough stress without having to fight with the lawyers and staff that are supposed to be representing them.

“I just assume everyone would rather not have unnecessary strife in their life. I try and make the litigation process as painless as possible, for all involved. In any arena, poor communication is the source of unnecessary suffering in the world. Often times, we proceed from the get-go with an ‘I am right, you are wrong’ mentality. Sometimes it might be true, but posturing tends to get in the way of resolution. I have met many intelligent people who are their own worst enemies.”

Albert Yonfa was recently named by Super Lawyers Magazine as one of the State of Florida’s Rising Stars. He and his wife, Dr. Carolyn Yonfa, who is also of Cuban descent and an Orlando native, take great pride in living in Central Florida and working to better the ever expanding community they love.
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