With so many options out there, how to you pick the perfect wedding theme for your special day? These fabulous themes all offer unique ways to give your guests that “Wow” factor we all strive for. Whether you want to feel like a Princess, Victorian, or an Ice Queen; these themes will leave your guests in awe.

1. Disney Princess

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day? A Disney themed wedding is a great way to make your guests feel like they are apart of your fairytale. With Disney World right in our backyard, this is very possible. Cinderella’s castle is the prefect backdrop for a Disney Princess wedding. Astonish your guests as you’re whisked away in Cinderella’s elegant carriage. More traditional brides may prefer to take advantage of Disney’s beautiful chapel while wearing a Cinderella inspired ball gown wedding dress. If getting married at a theme park doesn’t tickle your fancy then search for a castle or the venue of your choice and display Disney inspired decorations. For example, use Beauty and the Beast magic rose centerpieces at the reception or Mickey Mouse shaped treats during cocktail hour. “Be Our Guest” invitations, fairy dust on the dinner tables and magical fireworks are all great ways to wow your guests at a Disney Princess wedding.

vinyard22. Vineyard Wedding

If you’re a wine connoisseur, a vineyard wedding may be the ideal theme for you. All of the open space that a vineyard offers is perfect for larger weddings. Line the rows of vines with long dinner tables or set up your reception area in front of the vineyard for a one-of-a-kind view that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Vineyards offer an amazing outdoor space like no other. Take advantage of it by dressing it up with beautiful centerpieces and dozens of floral arrangements. Don’t forget to rack up on the wine.

underthesea3. Under The Sea

Blow your guests away with an under the sea wedding theme. Finding a spectacular aquarium is the key to pulling this theme off successfully. This unique concept will have your guests talking for months! Aquariums tend to be dark so find a way to lighten things up by using lighter colored decorations, bright flowers, neutral colored tablecloth and chair covers. If you can’t find the right aquarium or you choose not to get married at an aquarium you can still pull off this theme with the right amount of creativity. Use soft greenish/blue lighting in the reception area. Display beautiful tulip, lily and orchid floral arrangements at the reception along with elegant seaweed inspired decorations. Beach weddings are also a great way to pull of this theme. Beautiful bright floral arrangements and exotic seashells and driftwood pieces are great for an Under the Sea wedding theme. A gorgeous mermaid style dress adds the perfect touch.

winter wonderland wedding (3)4. Winter Wonderland

This is a very unique theme for Floridians. Most guests won’t see this coming at all. If you love a lot of glitz and glamour this may be the perfect theme for you. Using lots of white decorations along with candles and crystal is the key to making a Winter Wonderland theme come to life. Elegant white chairs make a world of difference. White tablecloths with floating candles and tree branch centerpieces add a dramatic touch to this elegant theme. For even more elegance, drape the tree branches with crystal or pearls. Your guests will be astonished when they walk into your romantic Winter Wonderland.

victorian15. Victorian Vintage

Vintage themed wedding tend to be very unique. Throwing the Victorian Era into the mix adds character to this already unique theme. Whether you’re going for a corky wedding or a more elegant wedding, this theme can offer the best of both worlds. Placing a fancy chandelier in an unusual setting is a great way to achieve this. Colorful rose floral arrangements are also a great way to set this theme. Find a Victorian styled home for the venue and offer a tea hour instead of a cocktail hour. Have a vintage style luxury car placed in front of the venue with a gloved driver waiting to take you and your groom away. A stunning Victorian style wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses paired with parasols are the perfect touch for this theme.